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Class XI Physics Work, Energy and Power Quiz 3

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Question 1

Particle ‘A’ moves with speed 10 m/s in a frictionless circular fixed horizontal pipe of radius 5 m and strikes with ‘B’ of double mass that of A. Coefficient of restitution is 1/2 and particle ‘A’ starts its journey at t = 0. The time at which second collision occurs is :

Question 2

A particle of mass m is moving along the x-axis with speed v when it collides with a particle of mass 2 M initially at rest. After the collision, the first particle has come to rest and the second particle has split into two equal-mass pieces that are shown in the figure. Which of the following statements correctly describes the speeds of the pieces? (θ > 0)

Question 3

A rigid body of mass m is moving in a circle of radius r with a constant speed v. The force on the body is and is directed towards the centre. What is the work done by this force in moving the body over half the circumference of the circle?

Question 4

A block of mass m is suspended by a light thread from an elevator. The elevator is accelerating upward with uniform acceleration a. The work done by tension on the block during t seconds is :

Question 5

Equal force F (> mg) is applied to string in all the three cases. Starting from rest, the point of application of force moves a distance of 2 m down in all cases. In which case the block has maximum kinetic energy?

Question 6

A ball is thrown vertically downwards with velocity  from a height h. After colliding with the ground, it just reaches the starting point. Coefficient of restitution is

Question 7

The work done in joules in increasing the extension of a spring of stiffness 10 N/cm from 4 cm to 6 cm is:

Question 8

A force  where k is a positive constant act on a particle moving in x-y plane starting from the point (3, 5), the particle is taken along a straight line to (5, 7). The work done by the force is nk. Find the value of n?
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