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Class XI Physics Work, Energy and Power Quiz 2

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Question 1

A truck moving on horizontal road east with velocity 20 ms–1 collides elastically with a light ball moving with velocity 25 ms–1 along west. The velocity of the ball just after collision

Question 2

A system of two blocks A and B are connected by an inextensible massless string as shown. The pulley is massless and frictionless. Initially, the system is at rest when a bullet of mass ‘m’ moving with a velocity ‘u’ as shown hits the block ‘B’ and gets embedded into it. The impulse imparted by tension force to the block of mass 3 m is :

Question 3

A boy hits a baseball with a bat and imparts an impulse J to the ball. The boy hits the ball again with the same force, except that the ball and the bat are in contact for twice the amount of time as in the first hit. The new impulse equals.

Question 4

A parallel beam of particles of mass m moving with velocity v impinges on a wall at an angle θ to its normal. The number of particles per unit volume in the beam is n. If the collision of particles with the wall is elastic, then the pressure exerted by this beam on the wall is

Question 5

A force exerts an impulse I on a particle changing its speed from u to 2u. The applied force and the initial velocity are oppositely directed along the same line. The work done by the force is

Question 6

In the figure (i), (ii) & (iii) shown the objects A, B & C are of same mass. String, spring & pulley are massless. C strikes B with velocity ‘u’ in each case and sticks to it. The ratio of velocity of B in case (i) to (ii) to (iii) is

Question 7

The question has FOUR options. ONLY ONE of these four options is the correct answer.
Figure shows a smooth vertical track ABCDE, semi circular at the top with radius R. A block of mass m is compressed against a vertical spring of spring constant k. When block is released spring takes its natural length when block reaches at A as shown.


Given, AB = h = 0.1 m, R = 0.1 m, g = 10 m/s2 and k is numerically equal to m in SI unit).           

Column I                 

A) If  m/s, the block will pass through         

B) If  m/s, the block will pass through         

C) If  m/s, the block pass through      

D) KE may be zero at   

Column II

1) A

2) B

3) C

4) D

5) E

Question 8

Two perfectly elastic balls of same mass m are moving with velocities u1 and u2. They collide elastically n times. The kinetic energy of the system finally is :
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