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Class XI Physics Work, Energy and Power Quiz 1

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Question 1

The Gardener water the plants by a pipe of diameter 1 mm. The water comes out at the rate of 10 cm3/ sec. The reactionary force exerted on the hand of the Gardener is: (density of water is 103 kg/m3)

Question 2

Two springs have their force constant as k1 and k2(k1 > k2). When they are stretched by the same force

Question 3

The work done by the frictional force on a surface in drawing a circle of radius r on the surface by a pencil of negligible mass with a normal pressing force N (coefficient of friction µk) is :

Question 4

A block of mass m is hung vertically from an elastic thread of force constant mg/a. Initially the thread was at its natural length and the block is allowed to fall freely. The kinetic energy of the block when it passes through the equilibrium position will be :

Question 5

A body of mass 1 kg starts moving from rest at t = 0, in a circular path of radius 8 m. Its kinetic energy varies as a function of time as: K.E. = 2t2 Joules, where t is in seconds. Then

Question 6

In the figure shown all the surfaces are frictionless, and mass of the block, m = 1kg. The block and wedge are held initially at rest. Now wedge is given a horizontal acceleration of 10 m/s2 by applying a force on the wedge, so that the block does not slip on the wedge. Then work done by the normal force in ground frame on the block in second is

Question 7

The potential energy for a force field  is given by U(x, y) = sin(x + y). The force acting on the particle of mass m at is

Question 8

A truck of mass 30,000 kg moves up an inclined plane of slope 1 in 100 at a speed of 30 kmph. The power of the truck is (given g = 10 ms–2)
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