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Class XI Physics Motion in a Straight Line Quiz 2

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Question 1

An automobile traveling with a speed of 60 km/h, can brake to stop within a distance of 20 m. If the car is going twice as fast, i.e 120 km/h, the stopping distance will be (in metres)

Question 2

A particle moves along a circular arc of radius R making an angle of θ at centre. The magnitude of displacement is -

Question 3

The position of a particle moving along the x-axis is given by x = 3t2 – t3, where x is in m and t, is in seconds. consider the following statements :
(i) Displacement of the particle after 4 seconds is 16 m.
(ii) Distance traveled by the particle for 4 seconds is 24 m.
(iii) Displacement of the particle after 4 seconds is –16 m.
(iv) Distance covered by the particle for 4 seconds is 22 m.
Select the correct alternative

Question 4

Mark the wrong statement -

Question 5

One stone is projected horizontally from a 20 m high cliff with an initial speed of 10 ms–1. A second stone is simultaneously dropped from that cliff. Which of the following is true?

Question 6

A ball is projected from top of a tower with a velocity of 5 m/s at an angle of 53° to horizontal. Its speed when it is at a height of 0.45 m from the point of projection is

Question 7

The velocity of a particle is zero at time t = 2 , then
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