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Class XI Physics Motion in a Plane Quiz 2

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Question 1

A person standing near the edge of the top of a building throws two balls A and B. The ball A is thrown vertically upwards and B is thrown vertically down with same speed. The ball A hits the ground with speed vA and ball B hits the ground with speed vB, then –

Question 2

A bullet fired into a fixed target loses half of its velocity after penetrating 3 cm. How much further it will penetrate (in cm) before coming to rest assuming that it faces constant resistance to motion?

Question 3

A particle travels along a straight line such that the distance covered by it in any second, exceeds, to that the previous second by 2m. If it covers a distance of 1m in the first second. Find the distance covered in n second is

Question 4

The acceleration-time graph of a body is shown below

The most probable velocity-time graph of the body is

Question 5

A car moves from A to B with a speed of 30 kmph and from B to A with a speed of 20 kmph. What is the average speed of the car?

Question 6

The acceleration of a particle which moves along the positive x-axis varies with its position as shown. If the velocity of the particle is 0.8 m/s at x = 0, the velocity of the particle at x = 1.4 is (in m/s)

Question 7

A man moves in x - y plane along the path shown. At what point is his average velocity vector in the same direction as his instantaneous velocity vector. The man starts from point P.

Question 8

A body covers first 1/3 part of its journey with a velocity of 2 m/s, next 1/3 part with a velocity of 3 m/s and rest of the journey with a velocity 6m/s. The average velocity of the body will be
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