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Class XI Physics Laws of Motion Quiz 4

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Question 1

A block rests on a rough plane whose inclination θ to the horizontal can be varied. Which of the following graphs indicates how the frictional force F between the block and the plane varies as θ is increases –

Question 2

A stationary body of mass m is slowly lowered onto a massive platform of mass M (M>>m) moving at a speed V0 = 4 m/s as shown in fig. How far will the body slide along the platform? ( µ = 0.2 and g = 10 m/s2)

Question 3

A ball moving with a velocity u strikes a wall moving towards the ball with a velocity v as shown in the figure. An elastic impact occurs. Then work done by wall during collision is........... Consider the mass of the wall to be infinitely.

Question 4

A smooth sphere of mass m strikes a second sphere of mass 2m which is at rest. After the collision their directions of motion are at right angles. Then coefficient of restitution is-

Question 5

Two blocks A(3kg) and B(6kg) are connected by a spring of stiffness 512 N/m and placed on a smooth horizontal surface. Initially the spring has its equilibrium length. Velocities 1.8m/s and 2.2 m/s are imparted to A and B in opposite direction. The maximum extension in the spring will be – ­

Question 6

An impulse changes the velocity of a particle from to . Kinetic energy gained by the particle is –

Question 7

A rod of length l slides down along the inclined wall as shown in figure. At the instant when the speed of end A is v, speed of B is-

Question 8

Two cars having masses m1 and m2 move in circles of radius r1 and r2. If they complete the circle in equal time. The ratio of their angular speeds ω12 is-
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