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Class XI Physics Laws of Motion Quiz 2

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Question 1

A road is banked at an angle of 30° to the horizontal for negotiating a curve of radius . At what velocity will a car experience no friction while negotiating the curve?

Question 2

A particle is moving in a circle:

Question 3

Which vector in the figures best represents the acceleration of pendulum mass of the intermediate point in its swing?

Question 4

A conical pendulum is moving in a circle with angular velocity ω as shown. If tension in the string is T, which of following equations are correct?

Question 5

A man is standing on a rough (µ = 0.5) horizontal disc rotating with constant angular velocity of 5 rad/ sec. At what distance from centre should he stand so that he does not slip on the disc ?

Question 6

A pendulum bob is swinging in a vertical plane such that its angular amplitude is less than 90°. At its highest point, the string is cut. Which trajectory is possible for the bob afterwards?

Question 7

In the figure the reading of the spring balanced will be: [g = 10 m/s2]

Question 8

A pendulum of mass m hangs from a support fixed to a trolley. The direction of the string when the trolley rolls up of plane of inclination α with acceleration a0 is (String and bob remain fixed with respect to trolley)

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