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Class XI Physics Kinematics 4

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Question 1

Two projectiles A and B are thrown with the same speed such that A makes angle θ with the horizontal and B makes angle θ with the vertical, then -

Question 2

A projectile is fired with a speed u at an angle θ with the horizontal. Its speed when its direction of motion makes an angle ‘α’ with the horizontal is-

Question 3

A ball is hit by a batsman at an angle of 37° as shown in figure. The man standing at P should run at what minimum velocity so that he catches the ball before it strikes the ground. Assume that height of man is negligible in comparison to maximum height of projectile.

Question 4

A ball is thrown from a point on ground at some angle of projection. At the same time a bird starts from a point directly above this point of projection at a height h horizontally with speed u. Given that in its flight ball just touches the bird at one point. Find the distance on ground where ball strikes

Question 5

The velocity at the maximum height of a projectile is half of its initial velocity u. Its range on the horizontal plane is

Question 6

Four particles situated at the corners of a square of side ‘a’ move at a constant speed v. Each particle maintains a direction towards the next particle in succession. Calculate the time particles will take to meet each other.

Question 7

A person throws balls into air vertically upward in regular intervals of time of one second. The next ball is thrown when the velocity of the ball thrown earlier becomes zero. The height to which the balls rise is....
(Assume, g = 10 ms-2)

Question 8

A projectile is projected at 10 ms-1 by making at an angle 60 º to the horizontal. After some time its velocity makes an angle of 30 º to the horizontal. Its speed at this instant is
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