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Class XI Physics Kinematics 2

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Question 1

A particle starts from the origin at time t = 0 and moves along the positive x-axis. The graph of velocity with respect to time is shown in figure. What is the position of the particle at time t = 5s?

Question 2

Two vectors and have equal magnitudes. The magnitude of is ‘n’ times the magnitude of. The angle between and is :

Question 3

A particle is moving with a velocity , where K is a constant. The general equation for its path is :

Question 4

Two forces P and Q of magnitude 2F and 3F, respectively, are at an angle θ with each other. If the force Q is doubled, then their resultant also gets doubled. Then, the angle θ is:

Question 5

A particle is projected with velocity , such that it just crosses two walls of height h and seperated by h. Find the angle of projection.

Question 6

If the maximum height and horizontal range of a projectile are same. Then, projection angle is

Question 7

The machine as shown has 2 rods of length 1 m connected by a pivot at the top. The end of one rod is connected to the floor by a stationary pivot and the end of the other rod has a roller that rolls along the floor in a slot. As the roller goes back and forth, a 2 kg weight moves up and down. If the roller is moving towards right at a constant speed, the weight moves up with a-

Question 8

An athlete A exhibits uniform circular motion where the athlete P is standing still, then:

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