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Class XI Physics Kinematics 1

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Question 1

A particle has a velocity u towards east at t = 0. Its acceleration is towards west and is constant, Let XA and XB be the magnitude of displacements in the first 10 seconds and the next 10 seconds.

Question 2

A body starts from rest and is uniformly accelerated for 30 s. The distance travelled in the first 10 s is X1, next 10 s is X2 and the last 10 s is X3. Then X1 : X2 : X3 is the same as

Question 3

The displacement of a body is given by 2s = gt2 where g is a constant. The velocity of the body at any time t is

Question 4

A car runs at constant speed on a circular track of radius 100 m taking 62.8 s on each lap. What is the average speed and average velocity on each complete lap ?

Question 5

A body moves with velocity v = m/s where x is its position. The net force acting on body is zero at

Question 6

The co-ordinates of a moving particle at a time t is given by, x = 5 sin 10 t, y = 5 cos 10 t. The speed of the particle is

Question 7

A body of mass 1 kg is acted upon by a force  . Find its position at t = 1 sec ,if at t = 0 it is at rest at origin.

Question 8

A particle starts moving rectilinearly at time t = 0 such that its velocity ‘v’ changes with time ‘t’ according to the equation v = t2 – t where t is in seconds and v is in m/s. The time interval for which the particle retards is
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