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Question 1

What was the Period of Vedic Age?

Question 2

In the early Vedic period, Varna system was based on:

Question 3

Who was the Supreme God in the Rigvedic period?

Question 4

In the Vedic period, the people called Pani were:

Question 5

Which of the following correctly explains Arsa Vivah, a type of marriage in later Vedic period?

Question 6

In Vedic Period time which was considered as God of Plants ?

Question 7

What was used for the measurement of time in the early Vedic period?

Question 8

Which of the following is the correct order of the Vedic literature?

Question 9

Rig-Vedic religion was

Question 10

With respect to the Rig Vedic period, consider the following statements:

I. The administrative machinery of the Aryans in the Rig Vedic period worked with the tribal chief in the centre.
II. He was known as Rajan.
III. The post had become hereditary.
IV. He exercised unlimited power.

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