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By Naveen Singh|Updated : August 2nd, 2022

CDS Exam Study Plan: An efficient and realistic study plan is very important for better preparation for the Combined Defence Services (CDS) Exam. So, for all the students preparing for this exam, here is a specially designed study plan of the CDS exam to prepare the different subjects timely and to make maximum utilization of the time before the Combined Defence Services (II) exam, which is slated in September 2022.

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You can customize this CDS study plan as per your suitability, however, please note that merely having a study plan for the CDS exam won’t do any wonders for you unless you adhere to it. So, go through this study plan of the CDS Exam 2021 now and start your combined defence services exam preparation accordingly!

Best Study Plan for CDS Exam

Before preparing for any competitive exam, there are a few things that the students must take care of. Let’s have a quick peek over the basic information which you must know for on overall preparation of the CDS Exam.

  • Make sure that you fully understand the latest pattern of the CDS Exam as well as its detailed syllabus.
  • Check the previous year question papers of the CDS exam to understand the commonly asked topics of this exam as well as the topics which carry maximum weightage in the different sections.
  • You should also go through the previous year's cut-off marks of the CDS exams. This will give you a general idea of the minimum questions which you ought to attempt in the overall exam.
  • Studying from the right resources is very important. Go through the article on important Books for the CDS exam, which we shared earlier. This post will help you understand the best books which you can refer to for an all-around preparation for the CDS exam.
  • Lastly, understand the areas where you are good at and the areas which hold you back in the exam. Such an analysis will help you figure out the topics which would require more effort.

How to use the Time before CDS Exam?

Students preparing for IMA, INA, and IAFA will have to appear for 3 papers namely English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge, while those appearing for OTA will only have to take the tests of English and General Knowledge. In our CDS Study plan, we have covered all the 3 sections of the CDS exam. First, let’s see how you should manage your time among these 3 sections during the day:

Section NameTime to be spent on practiceRemarks
General Knowledge2 – 2.5 hoursMorning would be the best time to study this section since your mind is fresh during those hours, which is quite essential to remember the huge data of the GK section.
English2 hoursGiven the time distribution of the GK and Mathematics sections, try to study for this section in the afternoon.
Elementary Mathematics2-3 hoursTry to study this section in the evening or at night, since one is usually exhausted by the end of the day and instead of learning anything new at this hour, it is better to attempt quizzes or practice questions.

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Best Study Plan for CDS Exam: Topic wise

Students can follow the under-mentioned study plan for the topic-wise revision of the different subjects of the CDS Exam. Please note that this study plan just aims to help you revise all the topics of the different sections in these last 25 days before the exam. 

I. Study Plan for English & Mathematics Section of CDS Exam:

Here are the topics of the English and Mathematics section, which you must cover in a time period of 30 days for better revision of these sections:

DayEnglish TopicsMathematics Topics
Day 1NounsProperties of Number, L.C.M. & H.C.F.
Day 2PronounsDivisibility Rules, Sequence & Series
Day 3VerbsSquare, Square Roots, Cubes, Cube Roots
Day 4AdjectivesRemainder Theorem, Arithmetic & Geometric Mean
Day 5AdverbsAverage, Ratio & Proportion
Day 6ConjunctionsPercentages and Fractions, Polynomial Equations
Day 7PropositionSimplification, Linear & Quadratic Equations
Day 8Articles, Para jumblesProblem on Ages, Heights & Distances
Day 9TensesSimple & Compound Interest
Day 10Subject-Verb AgreementProfit, Loss & Discount
Day 11Revision of Grammar RulesTime & Work, Functions & Inequalities
Day 12The practice of basic grammar quizzesPartnerships, Logarithm and their properties
Day 13Error Spotting, Idioms & PhrasesTime, Speed & Distance
Day 14Error SpottingData Sufficiency
Day 15Fill in the Blanks, One Word SubstitutionMixture & Alligation
Day 16Sentence ImprovementMean, Median, Mode, and Frequency Distribution
Day 17Sentence ImprovementData Interpretation
Day 18Word Selection & OrderingLines, Angles & their properties
Day 19Reading ComprehensionCircles
Day 20Reading ComprehensionTriangles
Day 21Sentence CompletionPolygons
Day 22Para Completion2-D Mensuration
Day 23Cloze Test3-D Mensuration
Day 24Revise basic concepts & rulesBasics of Trigonometry & Trigonometric Identities
Day 25Revise basic concepts & rulesRevise important formulas
Day 26 -30Take Mock Tests

 II. Study Plan for General Knowledge:

DaySub-SectionTopics to be covered
Day 1History (Ancient)Indus Civilisation, Important Dynasties, Buddhism, Jainism
Day 2PolityIndian Constitution (Details + its formation)
Day 3GeographySolar System, Deserts, Volcanoes, Soils
Day 4History (Medieval)Mughal Empire, Delhi Sultanate, Lodhi Dynasty
Day 5EconomicsBasics of Economy, National Income, GDP, NNP, NDP
Day 6PolityPowers of President, Vice President etc, Indian Judiciary
Day 7PhysicsScalar & Vector Quantities, Units of Measurement, Optics
Day 8ChemistryStructure of atoms, Noble Gases, Types of Solutions, pH
Day 9History (Modern)Revolt of 1857, National Freedom Movement etc
Day 10BiologyHuman Body (Glands, RNA, DNA etc) & important facts related to it
Day 11Static GKImp. Rivers, Capitals of Indian States, National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries
Day 12PhysicsImp. Forces, Basics of Surface Area, Adhesion, Cohesion, Viscosity
Day 13ChemistryMetals, Non-metals & Alloys, Imp Ores, Metallurgy, Galvanization
Day 14Current AffairsRevision of CA of the last 4-5 months
Day 15GeographyLayers of Atmosphere, Longitudes, Latitudes, Composition of Earth
Day 16BiologyDiseases caused by Bacteria, Viruses etc, Nutrients & Deficiencies, Animal Kingdom
Day 17PolityFundamental Rights & Duties, Directive Principles, Panchayati Raj, Government Schemes & Policies
Day 18PhysicsElectricity, Roles of govt. org. (RBI, SEBI etc)
Day 19ChemistryCarbon & its compounds, Nuclear Fission & Fusion, Vulcanization
Day 20BiologyReproduction in Plants & Animals
Day 21Current AffairsRevision of CA of the last 4-5 months
Day 22PhysicsSound, Work, Power & Energy
Day 23Biology & HistoryThe Plant Kingdom, Revision of Ancient, Medieval & Modern History
Day 24EconomicsEconomic Survey, Balance of Payment, Monetary & Fiscal Policy, Taxes
Day 25Go through important questions of previous years
Take Mock Tests

Once you are through with the revision of concepts of all the basic topics of different sections, start revising them periodically and focus more on attempting quizzes and sample mock tests based on them.

The practice of the topics is crucial to scoring better in the actual exam. The above-mentioned study plan of the CDS exam aims to help you revise the section-wise topics of English, Elementary Mathematics, and General Knowledge in the remaining time so that you are well-versed with all the important topics before the CDS-II 2021 exam.

So, follow this CDS Study Plan properly to improve your overall marks in the exam!


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  • Yes, With the right Plan & Preparation Startegy one can easily clear the CDS Exam with 6 Month Preparation. to know more read the blog thoroughly.

  • No, As Ncerts only helps you in clearing your basics and for CDS Exam you need advanced preparation to crack the exam.

  • Mock Tests play a vital in the preparation as they help familiarize yourself with the way the questions are asked in the exam.

  • The Candidate should divide the number of hours according to the various subjects. Suggested hours of study would be 4-6 hrs.

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