CAT Verbal Ability | Vocabulary List

By N Shiva Guru|Updated : September 10th, 2017

CAT 2017 Aspirants look for various techniques to remember words by. There's, however, no use in just knowing words without understanding their roots and hence the context in which they can be used in the future. So, reinstating the purpose of this post, we proceed to today's word list:

RootMeaningAssociated words
avi/abirdaviary - a large enclosure for birds; aviatrix - a female airplane pilot; aviation - the art of designing or operating aircraft
bar/opressure, weightbaric - pertaining to pressure, esp. of the atmosphere; milliard - metric unit, equal to 1/1000th of a bar; baryon - heavy elementary particle
bell/iwarbellicose - warlike; belligerent - hostile, ready to fight; rebel - person who opposes and fights
benegood, wellbenefactor - person who gives money to a cause; beneficial - producing a good effect; benevolent - showing kindness or goodwill
bi/ntwo, twice, once in every twobiannual - happening twice a year; binoculars - optical device with two lenses; bilateral - of or involving two sides
bibli/obookbibliography - a list of books used as sources; bibliomania - an extreme love of books; bibliophile - a person who loves books



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