CAT Quant Questions: Concepts, Syllabus, and Download PDF

By Shubhra Anand Jain|Updated : April 22nd, 2022

CAT Quant Questions are often a challenge for the aspirants during the CAT Exam as it involves numerous formulas and calculations. We know that CAT has a separate section for quant questions. So, the aspirants need to be well prepared as conceptual clarity is required for CAT Aptitude questions to ensure minimum errors. 

The aspirants aiming to appear in the upcoming exam must download CAT Quant Questions with Solutions and start their preparation in advance. To ace CAT Quant questions, you need to learn several shortcut tricks to get the answer quickly and accurately. In this article, BYJU’S Exam Prep experts have put forth a detailed discussion of CAT Aptitude questions to assist the aspirants in their preparation.

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What are CAT Quant Questions?

CAT Quantitative Aptitude Questions basically deal with numerical questions, which test the aspirants’ mathematical knowledge, accuracy, and solving speed. In general, CAT Quant Questions are mostly related to primary and elementary mathematics. Aspirants are required to be completely familiarised with the fundamental concepts of these questions during the CAT Exam

The aspirants must remember one thing: CAT Aptitude Questions come under a separate section, the Quantitative Aptitude section. So, there is a sectional time, and you have to solve the questions accurately within this stipulated time. 

CAT Quant Questions Syllabus

As per expert analysis, CAT Aptitude consists of mathematical-based questions. The difficulty level varies from question to question, and nothing can be predicted priorly. So, always be prepared so that you can adapt to any changes in the difficulty level for CAT Aptitude Questions. 

Note the table below and get an idea about the subjects mostly covered in the CAT Quant syllabus.

Topics covered




Time, Speed & Distance

Time & Work


Interest (Simple & Compound)

Series & Progression



Permutation & Combination




Mixture & Allegation

Set Theory


Coordinate Geometry

Complex Number

Equation (Quadratic & Linear)


(Note: The aspirants must note one thing: the CAT Exam Authority does not release the subjects for the exam officially. So, these are made by our experts by curating the previous year’s question. It is recommended to grasp complete conceptual clarity related to all the topics covered in CAT Syllabus for Quant questions)

CAT Quantitative Aptitude Questions PDF

The candidates can click on the link below to download the CAT Aptitude Questions PDF file for future reference.

☛ CAT Quant Questions with Solutions Download PDF

CAT Aptitude Questions Breakup

Note the below table to get an overview of the number of questions, marking scheme, and difficulty level for CAT Quant questions. Go through the latest CAT Exam Pattern to better understand the trend and weightage.

Key components


Total number of questions


Question types in CAT Aptitude 

Both MCQs & TITA

Total number of MCQs


Total number of TITA questions


Total marks


Difficulty level

Moderate to Difficult

Marking scheme

  • +3 for every correct answer
  • –1 for every incorrect answer
  • No marks for blank question
  • No negative marking in TITA question

Example of CAT Quant Questions with Solution

Question 1: Two pipes A and B can fill a cistern in 120 minutes and 150 minutes respectively. There is also outlet C . If all the three pipes are opened together, the cistern gets filled in 100 minutes. How much time will be taken by C to empty the full tank?

Answer: 3 hours and 20 mins

Explanation: Let the capacity of the cistern be 600 units.

From the given data, the efficiencies of pipes A and B are 5 units/ min and 4 units/min respectively.

Let the efficiency of outlet pipe C be 'k' units/min.

Given the time taken to fill the cistern when all the three pipes are open = 100 minutes

⇒ The efficiency of pipes × time taken = Capacity of the cistern

⇒ (5 + 4 – k) × 100 = 600

⇒ 9 – k = 6

⇒ k = 3

Therefore the time is taken (t) by pipe C to empty the cistern = Capacity of the cistern ÷ efficiency of pipe C

⇒ t = 600 ÷ 3 = 200 minutes = 3 hrs 20 min

Question 2: Sanjay went 20 km at an average speed of 15 km/hr and again travels 15 km at an average speed of 12 km/hr. Find his average speed.

Answer: 13.54 km/hr

Explanation: Total distance = 20 + 15 = 35 km 20/15+15/12

Total Time = (20/15+15/12) = 155/60 Hours

Therefore, Required average speed

=Total distance/Total time


=13.54 km/hr

= 13.54 km/hr

Question 3: The number of integral values of x that satisfy ||x – 6| – |x + 3|| ≤ 5 is

Answer: 6 

Explanation: The given expression can be interpreted to mean that the distance (along the number line) from 'x' to '6' should differ from the distance from 'x' to '–3' by at most units 5. Since 6 and –3, Themselves are 9 units apart, no values of x to the left of –3 or the right of 6 can satisfy the given condition. However, between –3 and 6, we can see that any x, that is at least 2 units away from both –3 and 6 will satisfy.

Therefore –1, 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 will satisfy the given condition. i.e., a total of six possible values.

Question 4: What will be the value of n, if √2n =64?

Answer: 12

Explanation: 2n/2=26

n/2=6, means n=12

Question 5: What will be the value of x. 81.3 × 40.6 × 160.2 = 2x

Answer: 5.9

Explanation: 23.9×21.2×20.8



Expert Tips to Ace CAT Quant Questions

The syllabus of CAT Quantitative Aptitude questions is not predefined, and for this, most of the aspirants find it difficult at the time of preparation. Going through the CAT previous year’s questions is suggested to get an idea of the question types, concepts, and difficulty level. You must note that CAT Aptitude questions generally follow repeated concepts every year; the changes are only in question number, difficulty level, and wordings.

When it comes to preparing for CAT Quant questions, the aspirants need to be well focused and dedicated to their studies. Here, our experts have listed some quick tips, which you can follow for better preparation.

Maintain Diary

Always maintain a diary for shortcut tricks and important formulas related to CAT Quant questions. The aspirants must note down all important points that they find uncommon or difficult. Additionally, maintaining a diary helps to make time-to-time revisions or quick revisions before the exam dates.

Maintaining a diary to make notes also boosts your memory. Prepare anything with a daily habit of writing. It will become easy for you to recall things during the exam.

Strengthen Your Basic Understanding

As you know, CAT Quant questions are mostly related to elemental mathematics; thereby, basic conceptual clarity is required to solve these questions. You need to be well-acquainted with all the basic formulas for effective preparation.

Try to cover all the topics in CAT Aptitude questions, especially the numerical topics, so that you can get full marks in this section.

Practice a Lot

It is very important to practice all related chapters for CAT Quant questions. This should be the immediate task of the aspirants after finishing the syllabus. Solve CAT Previous Year’s Questions as much as possible to become familiar with the questions asked in the QA section.

Try to attempt 2-3 CAT Mock Test from BYJU’S Exam Prep to analyze your preparation level. Always try to learn from your mistakes and work on accuracy as there is negative marking in CAT Aptitude questions.

Revise Well

Utilise your free time by revising the chapters you have studied for CAT Quant questions. Revisions are extremely important to get a grip on this section as the questions are tricky most of the time.

If the aspirants skip revising, they will forget what they have studied. So, revise your notebooks in your free time to gain more confidence to solve CAT Quantitative Aptitude questions.

The aspirants need to maintain a focused study to prepare for CAT Quant questions. Dedication is highly desirable to get a good grasp of this section. Stay tuned with BYJU’S Exam Prep to get all the details related to CAT Aptitude questions along with some shortcut tricks to solve the questions easily and efficiently.

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CAT Quant Questions Topic Wise

CAT Quant Questions consist of topics from the Quantitative section. Candidates need to be aware of the various topics from which the CAT Aptitude Questions are asked

  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Number System
  • Geometry
  • Modern Maths

Based on the past year’s trend, it has been seen that CAT Quant Questions consist of Arithmetic and Algebra questions. The number of CAT Quant Questions usually asked in exams is given as follows:

CAT Quant Topics

Number of Questions (Approx)





Modern Maths




Number System


How to Solve Quant Questions in CAT?

CAT Quant Questions often possess a challenge for the aspirants aiming for the CAT exam. However, if the candidates practice well for this section it can be rewarding for them. CAT Quant Questions seem daunting to aspirants but regular practice will make it one of the most scoring sections for the candidates. Check the following tips to know how to solve Quant Questions in CAT

  • Get your basics correct: Candidates need to have clarity in their fundamentals so that solving the questions becomes a cheese walk. 
  • Know the shortcuts: Candidates aiming at the acing the Quantitative Ability section must know the shortcuts tips and tricks as speed is an important factor in the exam. Knowing the shortcuts will help the candidates to maximize attempting the number of questions.
  • Practice: The amount of time one spends practicing the CAT Quant Questions is directly proportional to the chances of one excelling in this section. Questions on Quantitative Ability only require constant practice.
  • Avoid Guesswork: Candidates are advised to avoid guesswork as there is negative marking in the CAT exam. Candidates should work on accuracy rather than guesswork.


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  • As per previous year’s CAT Exam Analysis, you can expect 22 CAT Quant questions. There are two types of questions: MCQs and TITA.

    • Number of MCQs: 14
    • Number of TITA: 8
  • Yes, the aspirants have to finish CAT Quant questions within the sectional time limit of 40 minutes. The total time duration for the CAT Exam is 120 minutes, further divided into 40 minutes for each section.

  • It cannot be said as everyone has a different level of understanding. However, you can expect a moderate to tough difficulty level for CAT quantitative aptitude questions. So, practice well and learn all the related shortcut tricks to ace this section.

  • The important Quant Topics for CAT from which maximum questions have been asked are Arithmetic and Algebra. The topics from which CAT Quant questions apart from Arithmetic and Algebra are covered include Geometry, Number systems, and Modern Maths. Candidates need to practice a lot to ace the Quantitative Ability section.

  • Always be focused on the chapter-wise question while preparing for CAT Quant questions. It is needed because you will get conceptual clarity when you start solving the questions after completing one chapter. Besides, it is suggested to solve at least 20-40 questions per day as per your preparation level.

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