CAT Para Jumbles: How to Attempt Para Jumbles Topic of the VARC Section

By Aditi Joshi|Updated : March 16th, 2022

Para-jumbles are one of the question types that is covered in the VARC section of the CAT exam. As the name refers, in para-jumble CAT questions, the sentences are jumbled. The candidates are required to rearrange those sentences in such a way that they link and form a coherent paragraph. 

If the aspirants solve CAT para-jumble questions from previous years, they will easily grasp the para jumble tricks for the CAT exam. The sentences are not easy to decode, and the aspirants must read out all the sentences carefully.

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In general, the para- jumbles are called sentence rearrangement. So, before knowing the CAT para jumbles tips, it is important to know the type of para jumbles commonly asked in the CAT exam.

  • Sequence Para -Jumbles: In this type of para-jumbles the aspirants are asked to indicate the order in which the sentences have appeared in the original paragraph.
  • Odd Sentence out Para- Jumbles: In this type of para-jumble question there are 4 sentences primarily out of which one does not fall in the same line of the ideas being discussed. The aspirants are required to identify the odd sentence out in the paragraph.

Important Tips to Remember while Attempting Para- Jumbles in CAT Exam 2022

The para jumble questions in the CAT exam are generally considered the most difficult part of the VARC. These questions are not so difficult, just a bit tricky. For this reason, the candidate must practice CAT para jumble questions from previous year’s question papers, as there is no such formula to remember for this part. Besides, the candidates can also attempt BYJU'S Exam Prep CAT mock test to get an idea of how to solve para-jumbles easily in the CAT exam and practice different kinds of questions.

Always find the main purpose of the paragraph: It plays a major role in solving CAT para-jumble questions.

Gauge the Structure of the Paragraph:  A paragraph can be organized in multiple ways. For example:

  • Problem-Solution Paragraph: In this type, the problems will be explained first and then moved to possible solutions.
  • Cause-Effect Paragraph: In this type of paragraph the causes and effects of an issue are discussed.
  • List Paragraph: In this type of paragraph, a list of points ( Eg. Advantages or Disadvantages of an issue) are discussed. 

Identify the main theme of the given paragraph: It is one of the important para jumble tricks for CAT questions. It is somewhat tricky to understand the main theme in one read, but if the aspirants read the question slowly and while noting down points, they can logically solve the question.

Identify the opening and closing sentence of the paragraph: Aspirants need to shortlist the statements to identify the opening and closing sentences in the given para jumble passage. This will structure the answer and shall help you deduct the remaining options. 

Identify the Sentence Qualifier: The qualifier in the sentence gives a hint about the next sentence. So, if the aspirants identify the sentence qualifier, they can easily solve the para jumble question in the CAT exam.


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  • It is not fixed every year. But the aspirant can expect 3-4 questions.

  • These questions are not difficult. These are basically confusing questions. So, the candidates must read the passage very carefully.

  • Practicing previous years' questions is the best way to prepare for para-jumble questions as there are no such fixed formulas to solve these questions.

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