CAT Number System and Types of Questions Asked in MBA Entrance Exams

By Aditi Joshi|Updated : May 25th, 2022

The CAT number system questions mainly appear in the Quantitative Ability segment of the CAT exam. Each year, approximately 2-3 questions are asked from the Number System. In CAT exam there were 1-2 questions in all the 3 Slots from the Number System. The number system questions in CAT are a little tricky but completely based on basic mathematical calculations. 

The section is difficult to cover due to its vastness both in terms of concepts and methods of solving. If prepared properly, number system questions are scoring. Candidates must understand the syllabus, topics asked, kinds of questions asked, and important formulas to ace this section.          

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CAT Number System Syllabus 2022

The number system questions in CAT broadly examine the following topics. Below mentioned topics are as per past year papers

  • Factors and factorizations
  • HCF and LCM
  • Unit digits and last two digits
  • Remainders and divisibility rules
  • Base system
  • Numbers and their properties

The CAT Number System topics deal with the elementary knowledge of numbers along with some essential concepts. The aspirants must do regular practice for conceptual clarity to solve this section in the CAT 2022 exam.

Important Notes to Solve CAT Number System Questions 2022

The aspirants preparing for the CAT exam must always focus on building concepts and solving the problems in a simple manner. CAT number system topics are so vast that practising more and more is highly recommended. Considering the CAT number system syllabus, the following are some important tips & tricks that the aspirants can follow during CAT exam preparation 2022.

Important tricks for CAT Number System Syllabus

  • The CAT aspirants must know the fundamental concepts of numbers along with all-important formulas
  • Candidates must know all the prime numbers up to 100 as it saves time while solving the paper.
  • The aspirants must be familiar with advanced topics including unit’s digits, number of zeros, digital sum, highest power.
  • Lastly, aspirants must be sure that they understand the concepts while practising the questions. Learn better tricks to solve different kinds of questions.  

Important shortcuts for CAT Number System Notes

Applying shortcuts is highly recommended while solving the questions from CAT QA sections, including the CAT Number System questions. It helps the aspirants to solve the questions quickly and accurately without expanding the length of the calculations.

  • A number’s digital sum is the sum of its digits until it becomes a single-digit number. For example, the digital sum of 567 will be calculated as 5+6+7=18, then 1+8= 9, the answer is 9.
  • The product of n consecutive natural numbers will always be divisible by n!
  • The sum of first n natural numbers is n(n+1) / 2
  • The sum of the cubes of first n natural numbers = [ n (n+1) /2 ] ²
  • The sum of a two-digit number and a number produced by reversing both the digits is always divisible by 11
  • The product of three consecutive natural numbers, in which the first number is an even number, will always be divisible by 24.


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  • The number of questions varies every year. In CAT 2021 there were 1-2 questions on this topic

  • Absolutely not, these questions are very conceptual, and the aspirants must follow the basic mathematical formulas.

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