CAT 2022: Common CAT Myths Busted for Your Exam Preparation

By Gaurav Mohanty|Updated : May 8th, 2021

CAT (Common Aptitude Test) 2022 is coming closer and the candidates would wish to build the most effective preparation plan which they need to follow to crack this exam. The common CAT myths that prevail within the minds of aspirants, can lead to hampering the preparation. Every individual would have a unique methodology and strategy for CAT preparation. Letting go of the myths, with the proper preparation and right direction, anyone can bell the CAT 2022 exam.

Here are some common CAT myths mentioned below:

There is no one particular way or method to prepare for CAT. Every candidate has their own way of preparation. But there are a lot of myths that the candidate faces while preparing for the this exam. Here some of the common myths are listed below:

  1. CAT is a very difficult exam: - Cracking CAT isn't tough, it’s the blend of perseverance, persistence, and determination one puts in during preparation. Do not let the exam, affect your self-confidence and have confidence .
  2. CAT requires strong mathematical skills: - Math is all about understanding the basics. Quant topics are an advanced level of Maths studied in class 9th -12th. Most students are familiar with the basics. The key is to capitalize on the understanding of fundamental concepts and learn their application in several scenarios.
  3. Mock scores determine if one will achieve a good percentile in CAT: - Believe in yourself, mock exams are just to supply you with an experience of the ultimate exam and thereby strategize accordingly. The scores completely depend on the presence of mind one exhibits on the Exam day. There are no connection between mock scores and final scores.
  4. CAT is easier for students from engineering background: - CAT is an aptitude test, which needs strong logical and analytical skills. Any candidate can crack the CAT 2022 exam if they are strong in logical and analytical skills or anyone who can develop it over a period, regardless of their educational background.
  5. In CAT the Female Candidates score low: - This myth on the gender stereotype coming from Engineering and non-engineering debate. The reality is, for the majority of male students, Engineering + MBA may be a popular and safe career option except for women, there are many popular career options after graduation, thus lesser participation of girls in CAT compared to men. However, within the past few years, it has been seen that the amount of female applicants has steadily increased then has the amount of female students in MBA class rooms.
  6. Walk on footsteps of a CAT topper: - ‘Follow the topper’. This is often the foremost popular myth. Never attempt to copy others. Taking suggestions and tips from CAT toppers may be a good idea but you would need to make a study plan, which is suitable to you. No two persons can have an equivalent DNA , similarly no two MBA aspirants can work out with the same preparation plan. You can take ideas from their preparation strategies in order that you can plan better.
  7. Number of questions decide score: - Not the amount of questions, but the accuracy with  questions solved is what matters In CAT. CAT has negative marks for wrong answers. So, if you have attempted all 100 questions but have got the majority of them incorrect, you stand to lose out the marks.
  8. Pick up a new strategy if your mock scores are not up better: - Do not get influenced or over excited with the content on the internet, do not change your strategy at the last moment. This might create even more problems while attempting the exam.
  9. Look through the left out concepts, if any: - Learning new concepts within the last minute won’t help. Rather performing on time by giving mock exams and thoroughly analyzing them would be beneficial.
  10. Engaging in TITA questions is a waste of time: - This misconception arises because the accuracy of the solution can't be determined due to shortage of options. Regardless of this, ensure to aim TITA (Type In The Answer) questions as they don’t have negative marking and are of less risk.

All CAT wants to check is your capability to comprehend numbers, data sets, verbal comprehension and reasoning capabilities. There’s absolutely nothing to worry. You only have to be motivated to give your best.


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