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By Shubhra Anand Jain|Updated : September 12th, 2022

CAT 2019 Question Paper included 100 questions in total, which is further divided into 34 questions in VARC, 32 questions in DILR, and 34 questions in QA. The question paper was set by IIM Kozhikode. The exam was held on 24 November 2019 in 2 slots with tricky questions in the VARC section.

The aspirants thinking of appearing for the upcoming CAT exam must download the CAT 2019 question paper PDF and start practising. It is the best study material and helps the aspirants to overview the difficulty level, number of questions, and exam pattern of the CAT exams. Here, BYJU’S Exam Prep experts have provided a detailed analysis of the CAT 2019 question paper so that the aspirants can better understand the CAT question paper and start their preparation.

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CAT 2019 Question Paper- Highlights

The aspirants appearing for the upcoming CAT exam must be well versed with CAT previous year’s question paper. CAT 2019 question paper had 2 slots instead of 3 slots. Note the below table for key highlights of the CAT 2019 exam.



CAT 2019 Exam Sections

  • VARC: 34 Questions
  • DILR: 32 Questions 
  • QA: 34 Questions

Total Number of Question

100 questions

Total Time

180 Minutes

Time Allotted for each Section 

60 Minutes

Marking Scheme

  • +3 for every correct answer (Both MCQs and TITA)
  • -1 for every incorrect answer (Negative marking is not applicable for CAT TITA questions)

CAT 2019 Question Paper - Exam Pattern

The number of questions in CAT 2019 question paper was 100. Note the below table to get an overview of the CAT 2019 question paper.

CAT 2019 Exam Section




Sectional Timing

Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)





Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)





Quantitative Ability (QA)










Check Section-Wise  CAT Preparation Tips for CAT to fully utilise the CAT question papers. 

Download CAT 2019 Question Paper PDF

The aspirants who wish to appear for the upcoming CAT exam can download the CAT 2019 question paper solution with PDF and start preparation. Additionally, they can attend BYJU’S Exam Prep CAT online classes and attempt CAT test series to analyse your preparation level.

Click the below link to download CAT 2019 question paper with solution PDF file and save it to your device.

CAT 2019 Question Paper

Download PDFs

Slot 1

Download link

Slot 2

Download Link

CAT 2019 Question Paper- Slot-wise Analysis

There were only two slots in CAT 2019 exam. It is recommended to check CAT 2019 question paper with solution before starting your preparation as it provides better insights about which topics are asked more often than others. Note the section below to get an idea about the slot-wise analysis 

CAT 2019 Question Paper- Slot 1 

VARC section was comparatively more difficult than the other two sections in CAT 2019 question paper. However, the types of questions are similar to previous year's CAT questions.

CAT 2019 Question Paper- VARC Slot 1

There were no questions from the Grammar and Vocabulary section in CAT 2019. Most of the questions from the Verbal Ability Section consist of Para jumbles, Odd sentences, and Summary. Reading Comprehension section includes 4 passages (with 5 questions in each) and one passage (with four questions)

CAT 2019 Question Paper- DILR Slot 1

Questions are asked from New Radar Graph. DILR section consists of 8 sets with 4 questions each. 

  • Data Interpretation: 2 sets 
  • Logical Reasoning: 5 sets
  • Combining DI and LR: 1 set

CAT 2019 Question Paper- QA Slot 1

Most of the questions were asked from arithmetic and geometry. Additionally, there were no diagram-based questions in geometry.

Attempt CAT 2019 Question Paper Slot 1 online and check your knowledge

CAT 2019 Question Paper- Slot 2 Analysis

If you consider the difficulty level, then CAT 2019 question paper slot 2 was comparable to slot 1. 

CAT 2019 - Slot Wise Analysis 


CAT 2019 Question Paper- VARC Slot 2

  • The RC section: 2 passages (One was on British Colonialism)
  • Most passages are inference-based. 
  • No questions from English Grammar and Vocabulary 

CAT 2019 Question Paper- DILR Slot 2

This was the easy section 

CAT 2019 Question Paper- QA Slot 2

Mostly the questions are from algebra and arithmetic

 Also, Check other CAT question papers to compare and improve the level of your preparation 


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  • There are 100 questions in total in CAT 2019 question paper:

    • VARC: 34
    • DILR: 32
    • QA: 34

    Check the CAT exam pattern to note the changes over the years.

  • To evaluate the skills of MBA aspirants, IIM Kozhikode set CAT 2019 question paper. CAT exam is administered by IIMs on a rotational basis.

  • There are no such differences between the 2 slots of the CAT 2019 question paper, and the questions are slightly tricky for both of these exam slots. The aspirants must check the CAT exam analysis before starting preparation.

  • Use of a calculator is strictly prohibited in the CAT exam. However, you can use the on-screen calculator to solve the questions in CAT exam. But, it is recommended to solve CAT 2019 question paper without using the calculator to improve your mental math skills

  • There are no English grammar and vocabulary questions in CAT 2019 question paper. There are 2 passages in the Reading Comprehension section, which are mostly inference-based. You must also check other CAT question papers to check topic-wise weightage.

  • The aspirants can learn the below things if they solve CAT 2019 question paper. 

    • Time management
    • Brief overview of CAT Syllabus
    • Habits of reading passages, newspapers, and magazines
    • Shortcut tricks
    • Solving speed

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