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By N Shiva Guru|Updated : January 19th, 2017

CAT 2017 Aspirants often like techniques to remember words from Vocabulary, rules from Grammar and the pattern of usage in general. There is, however, nothing that even comes close to seeing things in context. That is why we started off this piece: to have fun while you learn and put all your learning in context and in perspective. Not going into intricate details, we start off with today's piece to help CAT 2017 Students: Here we go...

In many ways, some moments in life are like a moment in the loo-you feel like peeing, coughing and sneezing at the same time. Bottom-line: You’ll have to make an awkward choice. And sometimes, the proverb “Once bitten twice shy” doesn’t actually work when it comes to falling in love. And the battle in your mind about the feeling in your heart and the nagging doubt if it’s love or not doesn’t help clear confusions. It’s said that sneezing actually kills some cells in your brain. It would be of great help if you could make a sneeze kill some of your memories.

When all these thoughts were flipping through the head of the twelfth-grade kid who was looking out of the window of this class he called “file” (because of the structure of the class and the rows somehow resembled of the leaves of the file), his teacher called out, “Rishi! Daydreaming again?” and about a split second later, a voice screamed “Dad!” to splash reality on his pleasant reverie. “Why are you screaming Chito? It’s a hospital for God’s sake!” said Chintrangada’s dad. “Papa, the nurse’s calling your name for the fifth time!” Rishi silently stood up to follow his daughter into the consultation room of Dr.Naman Srivastav smiling very faintly about his lucky number six.

After the pleasantries, Dr.Naman enquiringly said, “So?” looking at Chitrangada. She looked nudgingly at her father who was looking at her curiously, trying to figure out if it was her grandmother’s nose or her mother’s nose that she had inherited. By the time his head turned to talk to the psychiatrist, he had compared the color of Chito’s eyes with her mother’s and decided that Aishwarya Chaudhary had the brighter pair of eyes. “You’ve come here for the third time, Mr.Rishi. You refusing to open up does not help either of us. You are matured enough to know that your daughter is really worried about you.” By the end of the statement, all Rishi had done was comparing Dr.Naman’s bald head with Mr.Prashant’s. Mr. Prashant had the same physical features of a bald head and a French beard as Dr.Naman did but while the latter tried to empathize and understand the feelings of others, the former did not give a damn even about his daughter Aishwarya’s feelings. The thought infuriated Rishi so much that he accepted reality to quench the heat in his head. The eyes were no longer dreamy, the lips no more agape, the teeth no longer visible and the figure no more shaky. His actions happened so swiftly and sternly that the pupils of Dr.Naman dilated a wee bit before letting a twinkle play for a fraction of second and then replacing it by focus.

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N Shiva Guru

N Shiva GuruJan 19, 2017

In the above story, as the lead is having a reverie, the class room is compared to something: is there some deeper significance and if so, what?

N Shiva Guru

N Shiva GuruJan 19, 2017

What could be the possible significance about the doctor's name?

N Shiva Guru

N Shiva GuruJan 19, 2017

What is the figure of speech used in the sentence 'The thought infuriated...'?

Shubham Khatri
Sir please upload upcoming exam related material for english for CMAT & MHCET
@N Shiva Guru sir

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