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By N Shiva Guru|Updated : January 5th, 2017

CAT 2017 Aspirants often tend to think that Vocabulary does not really matter when it comes to CAT preparation. This is both right and wrong. It is right in the aspect that vocabulary questions don’t really pull their weight in the exam. It is also wrong in the aspect that familiarity with words takes your comfort in Reading Comprehension to another level. That is one of the prime reasons we have this post running for the fifth day now. The other reason of course is (hopefully) the feverish anticipation of what happens next. The link to the previous part/post is here: content with mild violence ahead; those who do not wish to read on account of that, please take the quiz in the evening)And here we go…

Gregory was sitting up on one side of his bed now avoiding angry stares thanks to his request for ‘roofies’ (for the uninitiated, drugs like ‘ecstasy’ fall under the category of ‘roofies’). ‘Are you crazy?’ were the first three words he heard; it had come from someone at his back. He craned his neck saying ‘James, the next time you rebuke me, do it in front. It is a pain for me to strain my neck to the back’. ‘Also,’ he continued, ‘you tend to lose our women when you’re down and out.’ He still was a little blurry eyed. He could roughly make out the outline of a woman, dark haired, pretty faced and almost 7 feet tall. His mind was doing a burlesque of reality. He wanted to make sure, however. ‘James, come over to this side and tell me: is Lisa 7 feet tall?’ He felt his cheeks suddenly get red hot from a burning sensation. Allison had given Greg a tight slap.

Greg slowly staggered to his feet. He slowly spoke, ‘Amber’s going to die and if I don’t get the drugs I can hardly concentrate’. James slowly realised the truth in the former’s words but this move to ensure his girlfriend came at a price. The move was not only not above board but also it went against his grain. James looked at Lisa questioningly. ‘The law applies across the board, James!’ she snapped. ‘Vicodin is the best we can manage without hurting him’. As everybody but Gregory agreed on the middle ground, Greg took the Vicodin pills, 4 of them and started hallucinating almost immediately.

 They were walking towards the door. Her ring glistened in the light from above. The street was near deserted with a lone biker in a leather jacket speeding across the bar. Greg, who was all chirpy about the car ride back home suddenly did an about face; he wanted to use the tram. Amber rolled her eyes and sat him up on the Harley that was parked in front of the bar. He looked at her with an amused expression and she replied with a kind smile. ‘Let’s get you home’ she said, taking the hand of her limping companion on her left shoulder. The street being deserted, the duo were moving at the pace of a tortoise crawling backwards. They were sharing a laugh when the unthinkable happened. A monster truck appeared from out of nowhere driving straight at them, lights flashing, horns blaring and Gregory’s mind returned to the room.

No, it wasn’t the same room as they were in before; (this possibly was another memory) he and his boss Lisa were seated in the latter’s office. ‘You’ve got to do more hours per week Greg. That is the only way you don’t make other doctors on duty look like fools.’ Gregory was keenly taking notice of the shape of her spectacled face when the image started distorting and returned to his current room. He was breathing heavily and listening to ‘are you alright?!’ from Allison while Lisa was droning on and on about something: she was not only refusing roofies but also cribbing about his work hours. Greg’s brilliant, rational mind knew something was wrong in his head but his reflexes were too quick. He had to put an end to the voice in his head which said ‘shut her up’. With ants in his pants, he took the surgical knife and threw it, aiming at Lisa’s throat. A muffled scream and blood splattering all over James told him that his weapon had found its mark. The two fell down to the floor at the same time.

To be continued...


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