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By N Shiva Guru|Updated : January 4th, 2017

CAT 2017 is expected to have a lighter Verbal Ability section as has been the trend in the past 2 years and is expected to be a little heavier on the Reading Comprehension side. To ease your nerves on the latter, this exercise has been planned on a daily basis so that you can all benefit both from fact and from fiction.

The story so far (The links to the previous ‘episodes’):

Here’s what happened today:

Gregory, now semiconscious, tried to focus on what happened the previous night. It was a glorious winter evening in New Jersey with Trucks, red lights and gorgeous ladies as Greg entered the ‘Association’, a bar on 5th Avenue in Jefferson street. He had gotten his ducks in a row so that he could take a well-deserved break the next day. He had successfully lied to the fiancé of a patient that his partner had a miracle pregnancy. He sold the idea of parthenogenesis (which had a one in a million probability very successfully). His lies worked like a charm every time. Inscrutably smiling about the day’s memories, he took his place next to a dark haired girl at the bar.

The cell phone was still ringing and Gregory went into sudden seizure. With respirators and tubes all over, he was semi-conscious mumbling something which sounded like ‘wing’. It was all coming back to Greg; the memories flooded him with vicious force. ‘Don’t let the grass grow under your feet; get on with it’ he told his interns who sometimes served as back room boys who would perform checks on the houses of patients to identify what is ailing them. Gregory was ruthless with his interns: never taking no for an answer and firing anyone whom he thought was a deadwood. ‘Greg’s Intern’ seemed like a plum job among the medical fraternity but like any other job, had its own bunch of complications. The catch was that once you got used to Greg’s ideas and style of work, it was like an addiction and you were hooked. When you did not deliver the goods, however, you would be axed cold turkey: there was no golden handshake; there wasn’t even a good recommendation letter. There was only the hope that a doctor, whom Gregory had neither insulted nor had a run in with would hire them. Well, at least in New Jersey, those chances were slim.

Gregory was seizing again. These were not the memories he wanted to see. He would get what he wanted, even from his sub-conscious. He didn’t want his mind to tell him how he separated sheep from the goats. He wanted to go over his memories with a fine tooth comb. His persistence won him some images: he was walking with his hand over Amber’s shoulder, from the bar stool towards the door. He eyes lingered on her ring which glistened in the light coming from the door when he woke up with a start. Allison’s green eyes were staring straight into his. He breathed heavily for a minute before turning in the direction of the ringing mobile phone. James and Michael stood on the other side of his bed. He mimed for Michael to pass him a pen and a paper. James looked at Gregory in anger and disbelief. The note read, ‘need roofies’.

 The quiz for the above part can be accessed by clicking this link:

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@Abhishek CH hi, what do you want to ask here please? Is there a clarification you'd like to have?
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@N Shiva Guru Where's the quiz for this one?
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We can't attempt the quiz through that link as it's redirecting to another interface. Please look into this.
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@Sandeep will change it now, give me one hour, thanks for pointing it out.

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