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By N Shiva Guru|Updated : January 3rd, 2017

A reprisal: CAT 2017 Aspirants usually deal with the Verbal Ability Section by memorising words to take care of vocabulary, idioms and phrases, without actually seeing them in the context, in a story or a passage they normally read. This post is an effort from Gradeup to bridge that gap. This post will contain preparatory stories for making Verbal Ability easier and more interesting. 

What will this piece comprise?

This piece will comprise a story (which would be published only in small parts which means it shall continue on a daily basis) in the morning with a follow-up glossary in the evening with the vocabulary and idioms and phrases used in the story highlighted and explained. 

What will be the timing of this piece?

The story will be published every day around 12 noon.

What about feedback?

Any feedback is welcome, please leave it in the comments section. 

The story so far:

James showed up late for work on Friday. He went to Gregory's office; it was empty. Greg was nowhere to be found. James intuitively guessed that Greg had found out what was going on between him and Amber. He immediately knew that Gregory was going to pull off something from the whole bag of tricks inside his devious mind. No, he would never take the average person's approach of 'just' confronting him. He would make sure that James guilt tripped enough to 'confess' whatever he 'had' to. He sighed and looked up to see Greg standing with purple stains on his leather jacket and blood oozing out of some orifice in the right of his head. 

'Nice try Einstein, i'm not going to fall for that!' said James, getting up. Greg stood fixated as James proceeded to the door. Before James could turn around to say 'Wipe that smirk off your face' in the usual non-chalant fashion, Greg fell down with a heavy thud. He wasn't kidding. 

Greg woke up to the anxious faces of Lisa, Allison and James looking worried. He was semi-conscious and kept repeating one word, 'ring'. No one was quite sure what to make of it. 'This is going to be a long row to hoe' said Lisa before leaving with Allison. James then sat down beside Gregory. He told him, ‘Just sit tight. You’ll get out from down under’. He then heard something which made his blood freeze: Greg like a person in a trance mumbled, ‘Amber’s going to die’.

James’ heart was racing, he realised that in this state, Gregory would not put his foot in his mouth. He took out his cell phone and started dialling nervously. He reached the wrong person, twice. He let out a heavy sigh and looked up his contacts: he had been too arrogant to save her number. He cussed at his memory. He closed his eyes and dialled the number he knew very well once again. The cell phone rang at the far end of the room.

The link to the quiz on the idioms/phrases:

To continue to the next part of the story, please click on this link:

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N Shiva Guru
@Kartik Arora awesome, will double the length from tomorrow, will make sure we get to the end by 9th and that's a promise! :)
Kartik Arora
Thanks for the quick reply 👍
N Shiva Guru
@Kartik Arora what we can do is include the link to the quiz below the story every morning, will try that from tomorrow. Thank you for your feedback. :)
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Kartik Arora
That will be great.
Akul Dev Saha
@N Shiva Guru I cannot find the link to the quiz related to this part of the story. Has it been published yet?
N Shiva Guru

RahulJan 3, 2017

.लाइफ में कोई पार्टनर जरूर होना चाहिए,
नहीं तो
"मन की बात"
रेडियो पर करनी पड़ती है।।
📝 नरेंद्र मोदी 😜😜
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Vijay Thakkar

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