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By N Shiva Guru|Updated : January 2nd, 2017

CAT 2017 Aspirants usually deal with the Verbal Ability Section by memorising words to take care of vocabulary, idioms and phrases, without actually seeing them in the context, in a story or a passage they normally read. This post is an effort from Gradeup to bridge that gap. This post will contain preparatory stories for making Verbal Ability easier and more interesting. 

What will this piece comprise?

This piece will comprise a story (which would be published only in small parts which means it shall continue on a daily basis) in the morning with a follow-up glossary in the evening with the vocabulary and idioms and phrases used in the story highlighted and explained. 

What will be the timing of this piece?

The story will be published every day around 12 noon.

What about feedback?

Any feedback is welcome, please leave it in the comments section. 

James suffered from a huge Messiah Complex. Time and again, Gregory would point out that relationships which start with pity break up with pain. Gregory was right in a sense as James would promise too much than men usually provided for. The women would first play hard to get and once when they were exposed to so much attention, it became an irrational addiction cycle. Until, of course, one fine day, they would pursue excitement instead of love and romance. James would then be in denial that it was a break and she was coming back. That would be till the divorce notice arrived. Gregory would then mock in derision (he almost never missed a chance to rub it in): 'It wasn't that they didn't like the hand outs but that the hands which held them had become too wrinkled'. James would dismiss his best friend's sneer with a scoff and remain a grumpy drunk throughout the night. The next day, however, he was back to the drawing board. 

The hit-miss-scoff routine continued for a while. Then the unthinkable happened. He met an intern of Gregory, Amber. Amber had a notoriously manipulative nature and that combined with her fiery ambition rung alarm bells for her competition. She had blond hair which reached upto her shoulders, dreamy blue eyes and for weird reason, she always wore Steve Madden shoes. James on the other hand was a Jew, had dark hair, hazel brown eyes and wore oxford shoes, like a typical gentleman. They were, in every way, a far cry from each other. Gregory very 'wisely' thought it was his job to keep them apart and avoid a 'catastrophe'. He tried everything: projecting James as someone not playing with a full deck, letting the cat out of the bag sometimes, even told her that James is a doctor who never hesitates to cut corners. Much to his surprise (and frustration), Amber would hear nothing less than the best about her man. 

It was a Friday when Gregory heard whispers on the grapevine that Amber and James were going to be married the following Sunday. He almost flipped out; he never saw it coming, he the reasoning machine, the most gifted and talented doctor had missed something. He almost felt like a person off one's rocker.

(To be continued...)

To take the quiz for the above story's glossary: Vocabulary Including idioms and phrases, click here:

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Yeah kya notification aaaya aaaa
Ajay Hn

Ajay HnJan 2, 2017

Very nice sir, extremely helpful.
Nice story....
Arsh Bijral
yeah bro @Abhimanyu Dev Jamwal
Hey ...Someone know the meaning of statement : "The women would first play hard to get..............addiction cycle."?
@SAMRAT MALIK pehle bhaav khaati fir jab pat jati hai then constant attention they demand.
@SAMRAT MALIK pehle bhaav khana fir baadme aadat ban jana...
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yes, this is blazing
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I couldn't attempt the answers.It won't log in with my FB and Google accounts.
N Shiva Guru
Please check now, i have updated the links.

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