Carriage on Purchases is Carriage Inward?​ The Given Statement is True or False?

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : August 31st, 2022

The answer to the given statement is true. Carriage relates to the cost of transport of products by the supplier into a company and also the cost of transporting goods from a company to its customers. Let’s understand more about the concepts of carriage inwards and carriage outwards.


The answer is True 

.Carriage inwards denotes the expense paid by the company while purchasing goods from suppliers, like transportation costs and storage costs. On the other hand, carriage outwards is the cost of handling and shipping charged to the client by a company that transports goods. The business might be able to reimburse customers for this cost, or else the company might charge the cost of spending during the incurred time.


Carriage on Purchases is Carriage Inward? The Given Statement is True or False?

The given statement is true. In this, the carriage relates to the shipping of products into a company by the supplier as well as the cost of shipping goods to the customers from a company.

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