The Carburetor is Used to Supply

By Shiwani Kumari|Updated : July 25th, 2022
  1. Air and lubricating oil
  2. Air and Diesel
  3. Petrol and Lubricating Oil
  4. Petrol and Air

Answer - Option 4, Petrol and Air is the correct answer. 

The carburetor, also spelled as carburetor is a device that is used to spark and ignition engine with fuel and air. Here, fuel is Petrol. Hence, the carburetor supplies fuel and air. 


The Carburetor is Used to Supply

The carburetor or Carburetor is a device that is used to atomize and vapourize fuel and mix it with air in varying proportions to suit the changing operations conditions such as varying engines, speed, load, and operating temperature of the engine. It is widely used in small SI engines however, it is also being used in large petrol engines, and injectors nowadays.

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