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Question 1

In an examination, three different sections of X standard with 60, 70 and 80 students participated, and their pass percentages were 95, 80 and 75 respectively. What is the pass percentage of X standard?

Question 2

405 sweets were disturbed equally among children in such a way that the number of sweets received by each child is 20 % of the total number of children. How many sweets did each child receive ?

Question 3

The population of two villages is 1860 and 3744 respectively. If the ratio of male to female population in the first village is 8 : 7 and the ratio of male to female population in the second village is 13:11, then what is the ratio of male to female population of these two villages taken together?

Question 4

The percentage of metals in a mine of aluminium ore is 75%. Now the percentage of metal A is  of metals and rest is aluminium. If the mass of ore extracted from this mine is 5500 kg, the mass (in kg ) of aluminium is :

Question 5

The monthly salaries of A and B are in the ratio 3:5 . If A and B get an increase of 5% and 10% of their existing salaries respectively, what will be the new ratio?
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