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Question 1

12 pump takes 15 days and 6 hours per day to drain out the pond. How much pump needed to drain out pond if they work 9 hours per day in 12 days?

Question 2

A king ordered to make a crown from 8 kg of gold and 2 kg of silver. The goldsmith took away some amount of gold and replaced it by an equal amount of silver and the crown when made, weight 10 kg. The king knows that under water gold loses  of its weight, while silver loses . When the crown was weighed under water, it was 9.25 kg. How much gold was stolen by the goldsmith?

Question 3

Two glasses of equal volume are respectively half and three- fourths filled with milk. They are then filled to the brim by adding water. Their contents are then poured into another vessel. What will be the ratio of milk to water in this vessel.

Question 4

Zinc and copper are melted together in the ratio 9:11, What is the weight of melted mixture, if 28 .8 kg of zinc has been consumed in it?

Question 5

A canister holds 36 ltr of mixture of milk and water in a ratio 3 : 1. 15 ltr of milk is added to the canister. The new ratio of the mixture is?
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