Breather is provided in a Transformer to

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : July 21st, 2022

In a transformer, breather is provided to filter the air from moisture. The breather resists the entry of air moisture into the insulating liquid and the solid insulation. It is a pot of silica get that passes air when during the breathing of a transformer.

Answer: Breather is provided in a Transformer to absorb the moisture.

In the oil-immersed transformer, the current in the transformer windings develops heat. The oil transfers this heat outside the transformer. During oil expansion, the transformer breathes in and out due to which the air pushes out and then draws it in. The breathing of a transformer depends upon the oil expansion and extraction. The purpose to use oil in the transformer is to absorb the dust particles present in the air during the breathing process and to act as a barrier between silica gel and air in the event of no breathing.


Breather is provided in a Transformer to

The breather in a transformer is responsible for absorbing the air moisture and holding the water vapor. It is required only in such oil transformers that are connected to load as varying load causes the oil to expand and contract.

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