67th BPSC Polity Preparation Tips - Check Bihar PSC Polity Strategy and Study Material (Free PDF)

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67th BPSC Complete Polity Preparation Tips: Indian Polity and Constitution have occupied a dominant space in all three stages of the BPSC Civil services examination, be it Prelims, Mains or Interview. Being aware of the basics of our political functioning is quite essential apart from mastering the Indian Constitution to compete in the BPSC Exam. Even when one enters service, the subject's significance is carried forward.

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Polity questions in BPSC are often easy and if you are fully prepared, they can be solved pretty easily. Since competition is highly severe and every single trademark is important, no easy question may be left or marked incorrect in this scenario. So we are developing a strategy in order to take over all the principles of politics in a limited period.

You can also download the expert-curated BPSC polity notes mentioned below. The BPSC notes on polity are designed keeping in mind the BPSC pre polity questions asked in the exam 

BPSC Polity Syllabus 2021

Polity is asked in both BPSC Prelims and Mains examination. As per the BPSC Syllabus, the following is the syllabus for BPSC Prelims polity. 

  • Indian Polity and major changes in the economy/polity of Bihar in the post-independence period.
  • Questions of Indian Economy and Indian Polity will test knowledge on the country’s political system, Panchayati Raj, community development and planning in India and Bihar.

BPSC Polity Syllabus in Hindi

  • स्वतंत्रता के बाद की अवधि में भारतीय राजनीति और बिहार की अर्थव्यवस्था/राजनीति में बड़े बदलाव।
  • भारतीय राजनीति के प्रश्न भारत और बिहार में देश की राजनीतिक व्यवस्था, पंचायती राज, सामुदायिक विकास और योजना पर ज्ञान का परीक्षण करेंगे।

BPSC Polity Question: Number of questions Asked every year from Polity

ExamNumber of QuestionsDifficulty Level
 66th BPSC  7  Moderate to difficult
 65th BPSC 10 Easy

Check the latest BPSC Exam Pattern 2021 for a better understanding. 

BPSC Polity Preparation Strategy

*Attentive reading:

In politics, aspirants are expected to read the subject very well. Sometimes even small details can be requested, thus even small details should be reviewed carefully.


Review the topic often once the entire curriculum is covered. Build short notes (synopsis). This helps to revisit the test quickly. It saves time and helps us to keep the content better in mind.

Best Books for BPSC Polity Section

Aspirants might follow a textbook for fundamental concepts. Although several are on the market, Lakshmikant can be chosen. Just stick to the book you select. Besides, you have to read newspapers regularly. Find out and read the political concerns in the journal.

Then the aspirants should try and connect what they read with the textbook in the newspaper. For instance, if there is news in the newspaper about the presidential election, then you should study from your textbook the procedure of the President's election.

*How to Read?

The candidates should ideally read the textbook entirely. Make sure that crucial subjects can be adequately covered and effectively revised. Those applicants that have already covered crucial aspects of the book can read the entire book while others start to read the important subjects listed below first and then go forward.

Those issues that are easy to understand and highly likely to ask inquiries must first be fully addressed. Because a simple question cannot be missed in the examination. It will be difficult for all if the issue is difficult, therefore it can be left but not easy.

BPSC Pre Polity Questions

Candidates can download the BPSC question papers for Prelims & Mains to analyse the kind of polity questions asked in the BPSC exam. It will provide you with a fair understanding of what to expect and how to prepare for the exam. 

Check the type of questions asked in the last BPSC Exam:

1. When did the Election Commission of India issue a Press Note for the General Election to the Legislative Assembly of Bihar, 2020?

(A) 23 Sept 2020

(B) 24 Sept 2020

(C) 25 Sept 2020

(D) 26 Sept 2020

(E) None of the Above/More than one of the above

2. Which of the following act introduced a separate electorate system in India?

(A) The Regulating Act, 1773

(B) The Charter Act, 1833

(C) The Pitt's India Act, 1784

(D) The Indian Councils Act, 1909

(E) None of the Above/More than one of the above

 3. Which article in the Indian Constitution is related to the establishment of the Election Commission of India?

(A) Article 324

(B) Article 148

(C) Article 342

(D) Article 325

(E) None of the Above/More than one of the above

 4. Which Article gives the list of 29 functions to be performed on the Panchayati Raj Institutions?

(A) Article 243(H)

(B) Article 243(E)

(C) Article 243(F)

(D) Article 243(G)

(E) None of the Above/More than one of the above

5. When was the Citizenship (Amendment) Act passed?

(A) 11 December 2018

(B) 11 December 2019

(C) 11 December 2020

(D) 11 October 2019 

(E) None of the Above/More than one of the above

BPSC Polity Preparation Tips

  • If you want to clear BPSC 2021, you will have a good comprehension and the right strategy (concentrating both on dynamic and static subjects). Polity is the easiest topic in terms of the facts as well as the conciseness of the curriculum.
  • Many simple questions can be expected and the majority of answers can be found in the BPSC Prelims if the policy is revised completely.
  • The issues of Indian politics involve the static and the dynamical elements, therefore the public can expect a large variety of issues. Through the years, most questions have been determined to be direct and vary in difficulty from easy to moderate.

Complete Indian Polity Notes, Download Free PDFs 

Download BPSC polity notes for all the important topics of the syllabus below. 





Important Articles of the Indian Constitution

Click Here


Historical Evolution of the Constitution (Regulating Act, Charter Act, GOI Act)

Click Here


Making of Indian Constitution (Constituent Assembly & sources of the constitution)

Click Here


Preamble, Union and Its Territory, Citizenship

Click Here


Fundamental Rights (FR) & Fundamental Duties (FD)

Click Here


Directive Principles & State Policies (DPSP)

Click Here


President of India (Qualification, Election, Impeachment, Power etc.)

Click Here


Vice President of India (Qualification, Election, Impeachment etc.)

Click Here


Indian Parliament Notes

Click Here


Indian Judiciary

Click Here


Constitutional Bodies

Click Here


Non-Constitutional Bodies

Click Here


Governor, Chief Minister and Council of Minister

Click Here


Lokpal and Lokayukta Act

Click Here


Representation of People's (RPA) Act

Click Here


Basic Structure of the Constitution

Click Here


Anti-Defection Law

Click Here

Essential Commodities Act

Click Here



Click Here


Public Interest Litigation (PIL)

Click Here


Political Philosophies

Click Here


Important Amendments in the Indian Constitution

Click Here


The local Government system in India

Click Here


Indian Polity: Article 32 and Writs

Click Here


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  • List of Fundamental Duties is considered to be quiet important of Polity section. Every year a minimum of 1 to 2 questions are asked from this topic in various exams including Bihar Police SI, Constable, Patwari, and Other state Exams. Check Out Tricks to Remember List of Fundamental Duties

  • The Constitution is the core of the Subject Polity. In many competitive Exams, you can easily find 2 - 5 questions based on the articles of the Indian constitution. Students often find the problem in memorizing important articles. Check Out Most important Article in Indian Constitution

  • The High Court and Supreme Court of India have the power to issue writs in the nature of habeas corpus, quo warranto, certiorari, mandamus, and prohibition under Article 226 and 32, respectively. Check Out Tricks to remember types of writs

  • Indian Constitution originally had eight schedules. Four more schedules were added by different amendments, now making a total tally of twelve.

    Writs are a written order from the Supreme Court or High Court that commands constitutional remedies for Indian Citizens against the violation of their fundamental rights. Check Out Tricks to Remember Indian Polity Schedules

  • Aspirants often face problem in memorizing polity concept. A mind map is a type of structure. It's a method of assisting you with organizing, visualizing, and summarising. Its aim is to make it easier to store information on a single file. Download Polity Mind Map

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