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By Brajendra|Updated : April 18th, 2022

Download BPSC Geography Optional Question Paper: The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) conducts the Bihar Public Service Exam, and the 66th BPSC Mains Exam was recently held in various centers of Patna from July 29 to July 31, 2021. Below we are providing BPSC Geography Optional Question Paper PDF of previous year.

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BPSC Mains Exam Pattern

A qualifying paper for the BPSC Main Exam is General Hindi. Aside from that, there will be two 300-point papers: General Studies Paper 1 (GS-I) and General Studies Paper 2 (GS-II). There will be an Optional Paper, which the candidate choose throughout the application process. The Optional Paper is worth 300 points. The following is a list of the Optional Subjects.

  • The General Hindi Paper is a qualifying exam (30% marks necessary), and its results will not be factored into the merit list calculation.
  • General Studies questions are available in both Hindi and English.
  • A total of 900 marks in GS Paper 1, GS Paper 2, and Optional Paper will be used to calculate the score.
    Candidates who are appropriately placed in the merit are invited to an interview.
  • The descriptive question papers do not have any negative marking.
  • To advance to the Interview round, candidates must complete all of the papers.
  • This round serves as both a scoring and a qualifying round.


Download BPSC Geography Optional Question Paper PDF

Candidates can download BPSC Geography Optional Question Paper PDF by clicking on the link that is mentioned below. You can download BPSC 65th and 66th Geography question paper for free. Candidates appearing for the 67th BPSC exam 2022 with Geography as an optional paper are advised to practice the question paper.

BPSC Geography Optional Question Paper

Download Link

66th BPSC Geography Optional Question Paper

Download Link

65th BPSC Geography Optional Question Paper

 Download Link

Importance of Practicing BPSC Geography Optional Paper

Every topper or BPSC aspirant advises to solve the previous year BPSC Optional Question Papers. This is due to several reasons. Solving the BPSC Geography Optional Question Paper PDF would help you to understand the exam pattern, and paper pattern in-depth. In addition, you learn the art of answer writing. The more you write, the better your practice gets. It gives you enough time for self-assessment.

Most Important Study Notes 

BPSC/CDPO के लिए Complete Free Study Notes, अभी Download करें

Download Free PDFs of Daily, Weekly & Monthly करेंट अफेयर्स in Hindi & English

NCERT Books तथा उनकी Summary की PDFs अब Free में Download करें 


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  • Geography is a significant part of the BPSC PCS Syllabus, and a significant number of questions about it are asked in the Prelims and Main Exams each year. Geography is linked to other areas such as environment and ecology, disaster and management, agriculture, and so on.

  • Geography is an important subject in the BPSC Prelims Syllabus. Geography is also covered in GS Paper 2 of the BPSC Mains exam. Candidates who choose Geography as an optional subject should review the BPSC geography curriculum.

    Check the BPSC Syllabus for Geography.

  • Physical Aspects, Human Aspects, Resources, Agriculture, Industry, Transport and Trade, Settlements, Regional Development and Planning are all covered under India's geography.

    Bihar's geography, Soils, Forests, Climate, Agriculture Pattern, Natural Department Drought and flood-prone areas: problems and solutions Major Mineral Resources: Iron, Copper, Bauxite, Abrakh, and Coal; Major Industries: Iron-Steel, Aluminum, Cement, and Sugar; Major Industrial Region: Iron-Steel, Aluminum, Cement, and Sugar; Major Industrial Region: Iron-Steel, Aluminum, Cement, and Sugar; Major Industrial Region: Iron-Steel, Aluminum, C Bihar's population problem, Tribal problems and how to solve them Bihar's urbanisation pattern.

  • Important sources of the Geography syllabus for the upcoming BPSC exam is mentioned below. 

    • Class IX NCERT: Contemporary India Part-I
    • Class X NCERT: Contemporary India Part-II
    • Class XI NCERT: Fundamentals of Physical Geography
    • Class XI NCERT: Indian Physical Environment
    • Class XII NCERT: Fundamentals of Human Geography
    • Class XII NCERT: India, People and Economy
    • Certificate Physical and Human Geography by G. C. Leong
    • India and World Geography by Majid Hussain
    • School Atlas like Oxford University Press, Orient Longman.
    • For Current affairs read anyone good newspaper like The Hindu or The Indian Express and note down major geographical events like Tsunami, earthquakes etc.

  • Some Important points to study Geography for BPSC:

    Read the exam syllabus several times so you know exactly what to expect from your study materials. Begin with the NCERTs and work your way up to higher-level books.

    These figures must be kept track of in the same way as facts, names, and numbers must be kept track of in any other area of geography.

    The majority of the geography-related questions are tied to maps, either directly or indirectly. Location, key cities, physical characteristics, river system, passes, and peaks should and should be studied from maps (India and the rest of the world).

  • Candidates can download 65th and 66th BPSC Geography optional question paper pdf here. Practicing these questions will boost your conference that is needed for the exam.

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