67th BPSC Exam Day Instructions and Guidelines 2022 - Guidelines for BPSC Exam

By Trupti Thool|Updated : September 20th, 2022

Candidates who will appear for the 67th BPSC Exam 2022 on 30 September 2022 must read the BPSC exam day instructions which are issued by BPSC along with the admit card. With the 67th BPSC exam being one of the most anticipated exams, it is important for all candidates to go through the important exam day guidelines issued by the BPSC. 67th BPSC exam is being conducted in one shift from 12 PM to 2 PM. Below you can see the Important Exam Day Guidelines and Instructions for BPSC Exam to avoid the hassle.

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Download 67th BPSC Admit card

बिहार राज्य सेवा आयोग द्वारा 30 सितंबर, 2022 को 67वीं बीपीएससी प्रारंभिक परीक्षा आयोजित की जा रही यही। इस लेख में आपको बताया जाएगा कि 67वीं बीपीएससी प्रारंभिक परीक्षा से पहले किन बातों पर विशेष ध्यान देना चाहिए और आपके प्रवेश पत्र के साथ कौन से दस्तावेज लाने हैं।

67th BPSC Exam 2022 - Exam Timings, Schedule

67th BPSC 2022 Preliminary Exam will be conducted in 1 session on 30th September in various exam centres across Bihar.

67th BPSC Exam Date



30 September 2022

General Studies

12 PM- 2 PM

The admit card (e-admit card) for the preliminary examination of the 67th BPSC, can be downloaded from the website of the commission till September 30.
All the candidates should download it in time and check their personal information carefully, in case of any mistake, contact the commission immediately.

Important Instructions for 67th BPSC Exam 2022

  • It is mandatory for all the candidates to carry one Govt photo ID- DL, Passport, PAN card, Voter ID, Aadhar Card, etc (original and photocopy) and 2 passport-size photographs along with the admit card to their examination center.
  • There are four alternative answers for each question in the examination, out of which one is correct, for the wrong answer, there will be no negative marks.
  • The use of only a black ballpoint pen is mandatory in OMR for answering.
  • Tables, graphs, maps, mobiles, calculators, etc. are prohibited in the examination hall.
  • After the exam, candidates can take the question paper and candidate OMR with them.
  • Candidates will be allowed to enter the examination center 1 hour before the commencement of the examination and 15 minutes after the commencement of the examination.
  • Use of whitener, blade, etc. is prohibited.
  • It is mandatory for the candidates to bring masks and sanitizer for the examination.
  • Candidates can bring a transparent water bottle with them.

BPSC परीक्षा के आखिरी 2 दिनों में क्या पढ़े?

सभी अभियार्थी इस बात का खास ध्यान रखे की परीक्षा से 2-3 दिन पहले किसी भी किस्म की नयी सामग्री में समय व्यर्थ ना करें। जो भी आपने अब तक पढ़ा है, उसी के शोर्ट नोट्स को दोहराएं और किसी नयी PDF या नोट्स को देखकर विचलित ना हो। 100 सामग्री एक बार के बजाय एक सामग्री 100 बार पढना ही सफलता की कुंजी है। 

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Do's and Don'ts for BPSC Exam

  • Since the examination center of many candidates is away from home, all the candidates should keep the admit card, ID proof and its photocopy, and two photographs in their bags a day in advance. Do not save this for the morning of the exam.
    Reaching the exam center on the morning of the exam with a calm mind without any panic is very important for your success.

Last Minute Tips for BPSC Exam

  • Understand the BPSC exam format well. Knowing the types of questions that will be on the exam will help you plan your approach on test day.
  • Examine the BPSC test papers and papers from prior years. Practice, identify your mistakes, and incorporate revision into those areas.
  • Stress levels must be kept low because this is a demanding time. Don't allow any negativity to intrude. Believe in your hard work and in yourself.
  • Give yourself time to unwind. You can utilize a variety of strategies, such as music and meditation.
  • Unless it's really crucial and you can handle it, you should avoid learning something last-minute. If you decide to learn something new at this time, you might not have enough time to study it thoroughly when you could use that time to solidify what you already know.
  • Concentrate on your advantages and expand upon them. Avoid weighing the benefits and drawbacks.
  • Maintain your motivation and outlook. Avoiding comparisons with others and ignoring what others are doing are two ways to go about this. They use a different methodology than you do.
  • You could review the brief notes you made while studying for months while you revise. Recap the formulas and any other subjects you believe need more examination.

Practice BPSC Previous Year Question Papers

67th BPSC परीक्षा में OMR भरने क लिए आवश्यक निर्देश

बीपीएससी परीक्षा ऑफलाइन मोड में आयोजित की जाती है। इस प्रकार उम्मीदवारों के पास ओएमआर शीट को बहुत सावधानी से चिह्नित किया जाएगा क्योंकि आप शीट में किए गए परिवर्तनों को बदलने में सक्षम नहीं होंगे। यहां कुछ महत्वपूर्ण बातें दी गई हैं, जिन्हें आपको 67वीं बीपीएससी परीक्षा का प्रयास करते समय ध्यान में रखना चाहिए।

  • परीक्षा निरीक्षक के बताये गए तरीके से ही OMR sheet में जानकारी अंकित करे। गलती होने पर दूसरी OMR नहीं दी जाएगी।
  • निजी जानकारी कैसे roll number, paper code गलत भरे जाने पर आपकी उत्तर पुस्तिका आगे नहीं जाँची जाएगी।
  • OMR sheet को प्रश्न solve करने के साथ ही भरना उचित है, ताकि अंतिम समय में आप जल्दबाजी में गलत उत्तर ना भरें।
  • OMR पर मांगी गयी जानकारी के आलावा कुछ और ना लिखें।

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सभी उम्मीदवारों को परीक्षा में स्पीड और accuracy में संतुलन बनाना आवश्यक है। 150 प्रश्न 2 घंटे में करने के लिए आपको इन बातों का ध्यान रखना होगा:

  • किसी एक प्रश्न पर अत्यधिक समय न व्यतीत करें।
  • परीक्षा के बीच में यह बार बार ना देखे की कितने प्रश्न कर लिए हैं।
  • Paper को दो बार में करने का प्रयास करें, पहली बार में जिन प्रश्नों पर आप कॉंफिडेंट हैं, उन्हें OMR पर भर लें, और फिर दूसरी बार में उन प्रश्नों को समय दें जिन पर आपको थोडा सोच कर या आप्शन eliminate करना होगा।



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  • The exam will be held in only one shift 12.00 PM to 2.00 PM. Candidates must carry a printed copy of the admit card and a valid photo ID card.

  • 2-3 days before the exam, avoid spending time on any new material. Don't get sidetracked by looking at a fresh PDF or set of notes; instead, go through the brief summaries of what you have already studied. The secret to success is to read a piece of writing 100 times as opposed to 100 times.

  • All candidates should pack their admit card, ID evidence, a photocopy of it, and two additional pictures in their bag the day before the exam because the testing location is far from where they live. Do not wait until the morning before the test to do this.

    Your success depends greatly on your ability to arrive at the testing location the morning of the exam with a clear head and no worry.

  • Fill out the OMR sheet with the relevant data. In the event of an error, a second OMR will not be provided.

    If your personal information, such as your roll number or paper code, is filled out improperly, your answer sheet won't be verified further.

    In order to avoid quickly filling out incorrect answers at the last minute, it is advised to complete the OMR page as you answer the question.

    Write only the information requested on the OMR form.

  • There is no negative marks in BPSC Prelims examination, so you have to attempt all questions.

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