Both OR and AND Gates Can Have Only Two Inputs

By Himanshu Bajpai|Updated : July 24th, 2022

Choose the right answer to the question; OR and AND gates can have only two inputs from the following options and a detailed explanation.

  1. True
  2. False

Answer - 2. 

Any number of inputs are possible in OR and AND gates.


The detailed solution to the question, both OR and AND gates, can provide only two inputs


The OR gate takes its name from how it functions, like the inclusive "OR" in logic. If one or both of the inputs are "true," the result will also be "true." The output is "false" if both inputs are "false." In other words, at least one OR both inputs must be 1 for the output to be 1.


The AND gate is thus named because it behaves just like the logical "AND" operator. When both inputs are "true," the result is "true." Otherwise, "false" is the output. In other words, only when both inputs, one AND two, are 1 is the output 1.

Hence, Option (B) is the correct answer. 

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