Body Talk is also Known as?

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : October 3rd, 2022

(A) Noise 

(B) Overflow 

(C) Leakage 

(D) Physical communication

Body talk is also known as Physical communication. It is an act of conveying information to a recipient who understands the information and provides appropriate feedback. There are three forms of communication verbal communication, non-verbal communication, and written communication. It involves the use of the eyes for seeing, the ear for hearing, and other parts of the body for gesturing.

Why is Body Talk Known as Physical Communication?

Communication is a process that is used to express one's thoughts to others. In Body Talk, we use our body parts to express what do we want to say. For this, another person uses their eyes to see our action. That's why Body Talk is called or known as Physical communication.

Importance of Body Talk 

Being able to speak and listen is important in physical communication. Following are the importance of body talk or physical communication:

  • Using and understanding signs and gestures is a necessary skill in sporting games.
  • Motivational speakers, Counselors, Public Relations Officers use physical communication skills while addressing audiences.
  • In the mining and construction industries, physical communication is put to maximum use.
  • Great orators draw the attention of their audience with their physical communication skills.

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FAQs on Body Talk

  • Body talk is also known as Physical communication. It involves eye contact, body posture while speaking, facial expressions, touch, etc. In short, body talk requires our body parts to express our thoughts, without speaking.

  • A type of communication in which we do not speak to express our views. We only use symbols, signs, and gestures used is called physical communication.

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