Blue Print is an Important Component of which of the following?

By K Balaji|Updated : December 1st, 2022

1. Test administration

2. Test validation

3. Test construction

4. Test scoring

Blueprint is an important component of a process called test construction. The test makers, first assess the need for the test, the level of competition, and then develop a plan for it. Exams are a crucial component in evaluating applicants and identifying the most qualified ones. The blueprint offers a perfect module for test writers to create the best exam questions.

Importance of Blueprint on Test Construction

Blueprinting serves as a useful strategy for matching assessment goals with learning objectives and aids in distributing questions and weighting across topics. Assessment should include the blueprint in its entirety.

  • The blueprint presents an illustrated information handout about the questions, and weightage to be asked in the exam.
  • The test makers follow a certain process to plan to screen the knack of the candidates rightly.
  • The test maker decides which question can be objective and subjective.
  • The questions are laid in a specified format.
  • The main components of a test, such as the material to be covered, the weight given to certain topic areas, and other significant features, are described in a test blueprint.


Blue print is an important component of which of the following?

A key component of the test's construction is the blueprint. The exam blueprint is laid out in the blueprint, along with the entire information packet. It is developed in accordance with the exam's level of difficulty and competition.

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