BLAT 2021: How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning and Mental Ability Section

By Prakhyati Chauhan|Updated : September 15th, 2021

The Logical Reasoning or Mental Ability is close to an omnipresent section of almost every competitive entrance examination of India. Logical Reasoning section in BLAT Exam 2021 basically aims to test the candidate's analytical and thinking skills rather than comprehension and memorizing skills. This discipline is something which most of the candidates are generally not well aware of in their school days, as it is not a part of the regular syllabus. There are different levels of Reasoning which varies throughout the nature of examinations.

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The Logical Reasoning section of BLAT is EASY. Hence, the modus operandi of this section is completely different from English Comprehension & Current Affairs - General Knowledge where you need a year-long preparation. From the BLAT Exam preparation point of view, two months of "Exam-oriented preparation" of the Logical Reasoning section would fetch you outstanding performance in the said section. The domain and ambit of Logical Reasoning & Mental Ability are quite hefty.

So, in this informative article, we will get to know the "most important topics" and their preparation strategies.

Best Strategy for BLAT Logical Reasoning Section

To score good marks in the Logical Reasoning & Mental Ability section, we generally say that "Practice is the key to succeed" here. It is quite easy to score if you are well equipped with the basics of the required topics.

  • Sometimes, there are certain questions that are time-consuming, and you are advised not to get stuck in any such questions as they are inserted to create panic mode among candidates.
  • Approach wisely and try to attempt the maximum number of questions.
  • The most important thing to keep in mind is, which question you have to leave unanswered and have not to take on your ego.

BLAT Logical Reasoning Paper Pattern

Logical Reasoning & Mental Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness and Current Affairs, Legal Aptitude and English including Reading Comprehension are the five sections around which the BLAT Examination revolves.

  • A total of 150 questions are asked in the exam that covers the aforementioned subjects.
  • The exam follows the 'negative marking scheme' where 1 mark is deducted for each incorrect answer and 3 marks are awarded for each correct one.
  • It is to be noted that no marks are added or subtracted from the total marks for the unattempt question or the questions left unanswered.

BLAT Logical Reasoning Questions Trend

Check the distribution based on Question-type for the Logical Reasoning section. We can clearly say from the BLAT Exam Pattern that almost 7% (10 Questions) of the BLAT Question Paper are covered by the Logical Reasoning & Mental Ability Section. Based on the last four years question papers of BLAT, we have carved out an in-depth analysis upon the topics of "Logical Reasoning" Section:

The Mental Ability & Logical Reasoning test is nothing but a way to test your ability to interpret patterns, number sequence, coding-decoding, alpha-numeric series, etc.

BLAT Logical Reasoning Syllabus

Here is the detailed syllabus of the Logical Reasoning section of BLAT 2021:

  • Calendar
  • Logical sequence for word
  • One word substitution
  • Statement & Assumption
  • Eligibility Test
  • Clock
  • Direction & Sense Test
  • Blood Relation
  • Ranking Test
  • Puzzle Test
  • Analogy
  • Syllogisms
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Classification
  • Series (Alphabets + Number)
  • Miscellaneous

{NOTE: There is no fixed distribution of questions in the Logical Reasoning section of BLAT. So, candidates are advised to thoroughly practice all the below-mentioned topics to score 100% in this section}

Check detailed BLAT Exam Syllabus 2021

Tips & Strategies to Prepare for BLAT Logical Reasoning & Mental Ability Section

Before coming to the preparation strategy for the Logical Reasoning section of BLAT 2021, candidates must have a distinct plan to go about it. From the above-mentioned table, it is quite clear that the syllabus of Logical Reasoning is quite lengthy but very doable. So, be an active reader and think while you are reading the question.

  • Sometimes, there may be a multi-concept question where you will be asked to apply more than one technique to get the correct answer. So, determine the topic wisely while preparing, understand the complicated parts and ask yourself questions about the passage, and make sure you clear the problem in your head before you deduce the correct answer. 

  • Develop a mental checklist of strategies to comprehend the Logical Reasoning & Mental Ability based questions including alpha-numeric series, cubes and squares roots upto to 20 at least, etc. This will assist you with a more methodical approach to the BLAT 2021 Logical Reasoning section.

  • Read the theory of the topic, understand the concept & practice a ample amount of questions.

  • Do not burden yourself with the complexity of the question/passage. There may be a lot of data in the question which are incorporated to confuse you. Focus on the question and the aspect that it is based on.

  • Logical Reasoning questions must always be identified and your approach must depend on the type of question you are answering. For instance, if the question is an assumption-based question, you must learn the gap between the evidence and conclusion first. The right answer shall be the option that reaches the conclusion at once.

  • While solving the Blood Relation or Sitting Arrangement based questions, just circle or mark the important keywords which will help you find the right answer while solving the questions based on the given situation. Sometimes, candidates find it tricky, but sufficient practice can make this topic easier for the actual examination.

  • DO NOT assume anything and consider only the information that is available in the given passage/question, while solving the questions based on 'given data'.

  • There will be a mix of easy and moderate questions in BLAT 2021. The questions that you find difficult can be handled in a different drawing diagram in order to confirm your thought process and the idea or assumption is given in the passage.

Practicing & Analyzing the Previous Year Question Paper of BLAT would be really beneficial for the BLAT 2021. So, practice previous years question papers along with online or offline mock tests. This will help you identify your weaknesses and strengths and give you an idea of the exam environment. Practising a number of Mocks will help you to get your accuracy right before the actual exam, and will eventually help you to ace the BLAT 2021.

BLAT Books for Logical Reasoning

  • Arihant's BHU LL.B Entrance Exam 2021

  • A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by RS Aggarwal

Last Minute Preparation Tips for Logical Reasoning Section of BLAT 2021

This section is a bit unpredictable. You must be ready for all kinds of questions across the topics that have already been mentioned above in this Article.

  • Try to solve 3-4 questions from each topic ranging from data interpretation to inference-based questions to sequence & series based questions.
  • Also, try to practice more and more puzzle-related questions. Play games that demand more logic and you can solve SUDOKU in your leisure time.
  • Solve different types of questions from last year's papers (BLAT 2020) and learn short tricks to solve logical reasoning questions easily in the exam.


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  • According to the pattern, BLAT 2021 is divided into 5 sections.

  • To score good marks in the Logical Reasoning & Mental Ability section, it is suggested that "Practice is the key to succeed" here. There is nothing Rocket Science in this section. Focus and practice as much as you can. That will reflect in your result.

  • The total number of the maximum available seats is 74.

  • There will be around 10 questions of carrying total marks approx. 30.

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