How to Prepare Legal Aptitude Section for BLAT 2021 Exam? Expert Tips & Suggestions

By Prakhyati Chauhan|Updated : September 2nd, 2021

Every year, the Banaras Hindu University conducts entrance examinations for 30+ courses of Undergraduate and Postgraduate. If we talk about the BLAT 2021 syllabus, there is almost a similar kind of syllabus for most of the law entrance exams i.e. Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, English and Current Affairs-General Knowledge sections are common among them. 

But, there is one section called "Legal Aptitude" which makes the BLAT Exam different from others. Till 2019, the Legal Aptitude Section of the BLAT Exam was exactly the same as that of the CLAT Exam. But, the CLAT Consortium changed its syllabus in 2020 and made its Legal Aptitude section as complete comprehension based Legal Reasoning.

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Now, the Legal Aptitude section of BLAT is similar to AILET, Jamia Law Entrance, MAH-CET Law, SLAT, Allahabad University Law Entrance Test & Aligarh Muslim University Law Entrance Test. Hence, the candidates can prepare this particular section for BLAT and it would be helpful in all these above-mentioned law entrances.

Check the updated BHU BLAT LLB Exam Pattern 2021

Distribution based on Question-type for the Legal Aptitude section of BLAT Exam is as under:

We can clearly say from BLAT Exam pattern 21wqaAJKCKzthat almost 27% (40 Questions) of the BLAT Question Paper are covered by the Legal Aptitude Section. Based on the last four years question papers of BLAT, here we have an in-depth analysis upon the subsections of the "Legal Aptitude" Section:

                    Question Type

                 No. of Questions

Assertion-Reason Questions (Based on legal facts)


Principle-Fact Questions(Legal Reasoning)


Legal Fact Questions/Legal G.K.


Distribution based on the subject area for the Legal Aptitude section of the BLAT Exam is as under. Check the detailed BLAT syllabus 2021 to clearly understand what sections need to be covered for the upcoming exam. 


                    No. of Questions

Law of Torts


Law of Contract




Legal G.K.


Miscellaneous Laws


The objective of the Legal Reasoning (Principle-fact based questions) Section under the BLAT exam

This section aims to judge a student's legal aptitude. As a candidate, you are expected to apply a legal principle to a factual situation; hence, this section tests your logical skills rather than testing your legal knowledge. This section helps in determining a student's clarity of thought. It is always expected from the candidates that they should not apply any rules/principles/theories/procedures other than what has been provided in the actual Principle. 

While competing for the National level Examinations like Banaras Hindu University Law Aptitude Test (BLAT) or Jamia Law Entrance or any entrance where the seats are very limited, candidates are advised to follow the "Just Stick to The Basics" approach in the Legal Aptitude Section for a sure shot selection.  

"Just Stick to The Basics" approach is particularly made for "Principle-Fact" based Legal reasoning questions where candidates generally start thinking more than what is given in the Principle and consequently end up choosing the incorrect answers. 

It's very subjective information that the BLAT Examination deals with five different sections which accumulate 450 marks as a paper altogether. Here in this informative article, we will discuss in detail the approach and preparation strategy for the "Legal Aptitude" Section.

Preparation Strategy for Legal Aptitude Section of BLAT 2021

We have already had enough discussion regarding the motive, important points, important Topics, way to approach, etc. for the Legal Aptitude Section of the BLAT Exam. Here are some BLAT 2021 preparation tips for the section of legal aptitude that students can take help from in order to ace in the section:

Start with a Preparation Plan (where "Consistency" should be your compulsion):

Are you one of those who is preparing without really having a plan? Before even carving out a plan, make sure you know where you are at. If you can’t identify where you are lagging or in which section you would need to put in the most effort, then you are certainly doing it wrong. Do not copy someone else’s plan. Make yours on your own and realise the effectiveness in real life.

Prepare this section by breaking it into subsections as Law of Torts, Law of Contracts, Constitution, Legal G.K. & Miscellaneous Laws. It would be really beneficial and more accurate way to approach the section. 

  • Be Thorough with the Basics

Understanding the basics of different laws, statutes, legislation, sections, articles, etc. are really important to ace this section in the BLAT Exam as well as in the Law as a career. You must have clear concepts of the most important law topics in your head. Especially while you are preparing for the Legal Aptitude section, memorizing the laws and the concepts can be a little tricky. So, it is always recommended to first get an idea of the most basic legal ideas. 

  • Make Notes:

Make YOUR OWN NOTES. Do not depend on the Notes prepared by your fellow mates as it is not worthy at the time of revision. Be it any section or any exam, making notes YOURSELF always helps. Take pens of different colours of ink and underline or fold the most important pages. Jot down the points because writing by hand improves your memory and we always tend to remember what we write. Your notes should not have more than 3-4 one-liners because short and crisp notes make revisions easier. Always make your NOTES in Bullet points as they are easy to revise, easy to recap.

  • Manage your Time Properly:

Time Management is the most important key to crack these Examinations with ease. For you to not waste time on the questions, you must ensure that you have a good legal vocabulary. The terms must not confuse you. You must not waste your time on understanding the principles and the facts and rather invest it in getting the correct answer. Do not spend more than 40-60 seconds on any question in the BLAT 2021 Legal Aptitude section. Always remember that sometimes the facts are really lengthy and irrelevant, just to confuse the candidates. So, don't panic. Just extract the important facts and deduce the correct rationale.

  • Stay Updated:

Regular updates regarding the Examinations or relevant stuff related to the exam that you are preparing for is equally an important part of preparation. Always stay updated about the latest ongoing events in the country and across the world. While doing so, don't rely on sources that are not credible. The best news sources include The Hindu, The Indian Express, Live Law or the legal magazines available in the market. 

  • Practice BLAT Mock Test Papers:

Practising a sufficient number of BLAT mock test before the actual Examination is really really important to maintain the accuracy, speed and confidence within a candidate. Analysis of Mocks is also important as it provides you with a clear picture of weak areas where you need to put extra effort.

In the exams like BLAT, practising the BLAT question paper would be really beneficial and it is strongly advised by the experts to do so.

Reference Books for Legal Aptitude Section

  • Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning By A. P. Bhardwaj

  • A. P. Bhardwaj Legal Aptitude for CLAT and Other Law Entrance Examination By A. P. Bhardwaj

[Point to Remember: Remember to not start with the mock tests before preparing enough for the entrance exam. It will not help you in any way and instead lead to demotivation.

    _________ Best wishes to the readers for upcoming BLAT 2021 ____________



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  • According to the pattern, BLAT 2021 is divided into 5 sections.

  • The total number of the maximum available seats is 74.

  • As per the previous year question paper analysis, there will be around 40 questions from legal aptitude sections in BLAT 2021.

  • Approximately 40-45 questions are asked from this section which means it will carry around 120 marks in total. So, this is an important section which needs your focus and attention in BLAT 2021.

  • You may refer to "Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning" By A. P. Bhardwaj and "A. P. Bhardwaj Legal Aptitude for CLAT and Other Law Entrance Examination" By A. P. Bhardwaj

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