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BITSAT Mock 17

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Question 1

The alcohol having molecular formula c4H9OH, when shaken with a mixture of anhydrous ZnCl2 and conc. HCl gives an oily layer product after five minutes. The alcohol is

Question 2

The equivalent conductances of two ions are infinite dilution in water at 25 °C are given below
= 127.00 Scm2 / equiv.
= 76.00 Scm2/equiv.
The equivalent conductance (in S cm2/equiv) of BaCl2 at infinite dilution will be

Question 3

p-toluidine and benzyl amine can be distinguished by

Question 4

Sometimes explosion occurs while distilling ethers. It is due to the presence of

Question 5

The ratio of momentum of an electron and alpha-particle which are accelerated from rest by a potential difference of 100 V is

Question 6

In Young's double slit experiment, the intensity of light at a point on the screen where the path difference is λ = I. The intensity of light at a point where the path difference becomes λ / 3 is

Question 7

A ray of light is incident on a plane mirror at an angle of 30 °. At what angle with the horizontal must a plane mirror be placed so that the reflected ray becomes vertically upwards?

Question 8

A compound microscope having magnifying power 35 with its eye-piece of focal length 10 cm. Assume that the final image is at least distance of distinct vision then the magnification produced by the objective is

Question 9

Let X denote the sum of the numbers obtained when two fair dice are rolled. The variance and standard deviation of X are

Question 10

If then A. (adj A) is equal to

Question 11

If B is a non-singular matrix and A is a square matrix, then det (B-1 AB) is equal to

Question 12

The system of equations 2x + y - 5 = 0, x - 2y + 1 = 0, 2x - 14y - a = 0, is consistent. Then, a is equal to

Question 13

If the system of euations
x + ky – z = 0, 3x – ky - z = 0 andx- 3y + z = 0, has non- zero solution, then k is equal to
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