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Question 1

Consider the following reaction sequence,
Out of A, B, C, D and E, isomers are

Question 2

An alkene having molecular formula C8H12 on ozonolysis yields glyoxal and 2, 2-dimethyl buane-1, 4-dial. The structure of alkene is

Question 3

The product formed when phthalimide is treated with a mixture of Br2 and strong NaOH solution is

Question 4

In a set of reactions acetic acid yielded a product D

The structure of D would be

Question 5

A long glass capillary tube is dipped in water. It is known that water wets glass. The water level rises by h in the tube. The tube is now pushed down so that only a length h/2 is outside the water surface. The angle of contact at the water surface at the upper end of the tube will be

Question 6

When two waves of almost equal frequency n1 and n2 are produced simultaneously, then the time interval between successive maxima is

Question 7

In the adjoining circuit, if the reading of voltmeter V1 and V2 are 300 volts each, then the reading voltmeter V3 and ammeter A are respectively

Question 8

If the work done in turning a magnet of magnetic moment M by an angle of 90 ° from the magnetic meridian is n times the corresponding work done to turn it through an angle og 60 °, then value of n is

Question 9

For which of the following values of m, the area of the region bounded by the curve y = x - x2 and the line y = mx equals

Question 10

If the gradient of the tangent at any point (x, y ) of a curve which passes through the point is, then equation of the curve is

Question 11

The solutio of the differential equation is

Question 12

If two events A and B. If odds against A are as 2: 1 and that infavour of A B are 3: 1, then

Question 13

Find the value of the limit
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