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Question 1

For the reaction X2Y4(1) 2XY2(g) at 300 K the values of ΔU and ΔS are 2 kcal and 20 cal K-1 respectively. The value of ΔG for the reaction is

Question 2

The product of the above reaction is

Question 3

1, 4- Dimethylbenzene on heating with anhydrous AlCl3 and HCl produces

Question 4

Which of the following does not represent the mathematical expression for the Heisenberg uncertainty principle?

Question 5

From the top of a tower, 80 m high from the ground, a stone is thrown in the horizontal direction with a velocity of 8 ms–1. The stone reaches the ground after time ‘t’ and falls at a distance of ‘d’ from the foot of the tower. Find the value of t and d, respectively.

Question 6

Average distance of the Earth from the Sun is L1. If one year of the Earth = D days, one year of another planet whose average distance from the Sun is L2 will be

Question 7

A train approaching a railway platform with a speed of 20 ms–1 starts blowing the whistle. Speed of sound in air is 340 ms–1. If the frequency of the emitted sound from the whistle is 640 Hz, the frequency of sound to a person standing on the platform will appear to be

Question 8

If the velocity of light in vacuum is 3 × 108 ms–1, the time taken (in nanosecond) to travel through a glass plate of thickness 10 cm and refractive index 1.5 is

Question 9

A survey of people in a given region showed that 20% were smokes. The probability of death due to lung cancer, given that a person smoked, was 10 times the probability of death due to lung cancer, given that a person did not smoke. If the probability of death due to lung cancer in the region is 0.006, what is the probability of death due to lung cancer given that a person is a smoker?

Question 10

If a, b, c are in arithmetic progression, then the roots of the equation ax2–2bx+c=0 are

Question 11

The maximum value of |z| when the complex number z satisfies the condition = 2 is

Question 12

The quadratic equation 2x2 – (a3+ 8a – 1)x + a2 – 4a = 0 possesses roots of opposite sign. Then

Question 13

A vehicle registration number consists of 2 letters of English alphabet followed by 4 digits, where the first digit is not zero. Then the total number of vehicles with distinct registration numbers is
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