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BITSAT Mock 11

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Question 1

in the following compound, the number of ‘sp’ hybridized carbon

Question 2

The product of the above reaction is

Question 3

Which one of the following is wrong about molecularity of a reaction?

Question 4

58.5 gm of NaCl and 180 gm of glucose were separately dissolved in 1000 ml of water. Identify the correct statement regarding the elevation of boiling point (b.p.) of the resulting solutions.

Question 5

A particle is travelling along a straight line OX. The distance x (in metres) of the particle from O at a time t is given by x = 37 + 27t – t3 where t is time in seconds. The distance of the particle from O when it comes to rest is

Question 6

A bullet on penetrating 30 cm into its target loses its velocity by 50%. What will additional distance it penetrates into the target before it comes to rest?

Question 7

Water is flowing through a very narrow tube. The velocity of water below which the flow remains a streamline flow is known as

Question 8

The frequency of the first overtone of a closed pipe of length L1 is equal to that of the first overtone of an open pipe of length L2. The ratio of their lengths (L1 : L2) is

Question 9

The number of real solutions of the equation (sin x - x) (cos x - x2) = 0 is

Question 10

A person goes to office by car or scooter or bus or train, the probability of which are 1/7, 3/7, 2/7 and 1/7 respectively. The probability that he reaches office late, if he takes car, scooter, bus or train is 2/9, 1/9, 4/9 and 1/9 respectively. Given that he reached office on time, the probability that he traveled by car is n/7. Then n=

Question 11

If 5 distinct balls are placed at random into 5 cells, then the probability that exactly one cell remains empty is

Question 12

Six numbers are in A.P. such that their sum is 3. The first term is 4 times the third term. Then the fifth term is

Question 13

If 64, 27, 36 are the Pth, Qth and Rth terms of a G.P., then P + 2Q is equal to
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