English and Logical Reasoning syllabus for BITSAT 2018

By Aditya Priyant|Updated : September 22nd, 2017

BITSAT 2018 is expected to take online tests in the second half of the May month for Integrated First degree programmes. The application form will be out in January and will be available until the first week of March. English and Logical Reasoning encompasses a good number of questions which can be rank determining for the aspirants. It is advised not to ignore the topic and prepare well for 15 questions and 10 questions from English and Logical Reasoning respectively. Below is the detailed syllabus for the sections of English and Logical Reasoning.

BITSAT English & Logical Reasoning syllabus


This test is designed to assess the ability of the candidate to communicate (express and make others understand) in real life circumstances. This general proficiency in English language will be established through aspirant's basic understanding of grammar, vocabulary and their ability to read and comprehend in a given time frame; and eventually applying the knowledge to express themselves in writing.


Basic understanding of Agreement and Tense with time, Parallel construction, Relative pronouns, Determiners, Prepositions, Modals, Adjectives, Voice, Transformation, Question tags, Phrasal verbs


Synonyms, Antonyms, Odd Word, One Word, Jumbled letters, Homophones, Spelling, Contextual meaning, Analogy

Reading Comprehension:

Content/ideas, Vocabulary, Referents, Idioms/Phrases, Reconstruction (of phrases and sentences, rewording)


Rearrangement, Paragraph Unity, Linkers/Connectives

Logical Reasoning

This section of the test will ensure the power of reasoning among the successful candidates in verbal as well as nonverbal areas. The indicators will detail the performance of a candidate through a designed set of tasks on establishing logical connections/relationships and to perceive the data precisely. Here is the breakup for the topics covered under Logical Reasoning.

Verbal Reasoning:

Classification(Classification means to assert the items of a given group on the basis of certain common quality they possess and then spot the odd option out.);

Analogy(Analogy means correspondence)- A particular relationship is given while another similar relationship has to be identified from the given set of options;

Logical Deduction(Reading Passage)- Based on the  given passage, the candidate needs to identify the correct or incorrect logical conclusions;

Series Completion- Series of numbers or letters are given and one is asked to either complete the series or find out the wrong part in the series;

Chart Logic- Here, on the basis of given either chart/table or question, another chart or a table that is partially filled in are required to be completed by the candidate.

Nonverbal Reasoning:

Pattern Perception- Identification of the correct quarter for a certain given pattern with a quarter missing from it;

Figure Formation and Analysis- Analyze and form a figure from various given parts;

Paper Cutting- Analysis of a pattern that is formed when a folded piece of paper is cut into a definite design;

Figure Matrix (In this more than one set of figures is given in the form of a matrix, all of them following the same rule. The candidate is required to follow the rule and identify the missing figure.);

Rule Detection (Here, a particular rule is given and it is required to select from the given sets of figures, a set of figures, which obeys the rule and forms the correct series.)

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