Bin Card is Maintained By the _____.

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : September 5th, 2022
  1. a) Clerk 
  2. b) Storekeeper 
  3. c) Branch Accountant
  4. d) Cost Accountant

The storekeeper maintains the Bin card. It is one of the methods to check stock levels (also called inventory). A Bin card is used for keeping a track of the number of items. The different levels of stock required for effective control of materials at a retail store, to avoid over- and under-stocking of materials are called stock levels.

Methods to Check Stock Levels other than Bin Card

Stock ledger and Computerised methods are the methods to check the stock levels other than Bin Card. There is a need to check the stock levels in retail because:

  • Current stock levels, ordered items, and products as well as ones already sold can be managed.
  • A constant supply of products is provided to fulfill customer demand.
  • It permits customer retention.
  • The owner and manager can order stock before it ends by monitoring the order levels.
  • It avoids under-stocking and over-stocking positions of goods in retail stores.

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  • The Bin card is maintained by the Storekeeper. It helps in keeping a track of the number of items. 

  • A method that is used for keeping a track of the number of items of any business that holds a stock of items for sale, whether for the general public or other businesses is called Bin Card.

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