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Bending Stress Quiz Discussion II Achievers Practice Quiz 6

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Question 1

The bending stress is zero at

Question 2

Section modulus is the ratio of

Question 3

A beam is said to be uniform strength if

Question 4

Consider the following statement regarding the bending equation .

(1) The transverse section of beam which is plane before bending will remain plane after bending.

(2) Young’s Modulus for material is same for tension & compression.

(3) Each layer is free to expand on contract independently without the effects of layer above or below it.

Which of following assumptions is are correct?

Question 5

A Solid beam of a rectangular cross-section is subjected to pure bending. The longitudinal strain of a point A on the cross-section is 7.5 × 10-5. If Young’s Modulus of material of beam is 210 GPa. The maximum tensile stress (in MPa) is:

Question 6

A steel I-beam has overall depth of 40 cm. If the bending stresses developed at the top and bottom of beam are 120 MPa tensile and 40 MPa compressive respectively, then depth (in cm) of neutral axis from bottom of beam will be ____.

Question 7

For the simply supported beam as shown in figure. The required section modulus if the allowable bending stress is
is ___ cm3.

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