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Bending stress PYQ II Achievers Practice Quiz 5

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Question 1

Consider a beam with circular cross-section of diameter d. The ratio of the second moment of area about the neutral axis to the section modulus of the area is.

Question 2

The maximum bending stress in an I ­ beam occurs at the _______.

Question 3

A circular shaft is subjected to a torque ‘T’ and a Bending Moment M. The ratio of maximum shear stress to maximum bending stress is

Question 4

What is the value of bending stress for a bar of diameter 75 mm for moment of 6.75×103 Nm ?

Question 5

A simply supported beam of width 100 mm, height 200 mm and length 4 m is carrying a uniformly distributed load of intensity 10 kN/m. The maximum bending stress (in MPa) in the beam is _________ (correct to one decimal place)

Question 6

A machine element XY, fixed at end X, is subjected to an axial load P, transverse load F, and a twisting moment T at its free end Y. The most critical point from the strength point of view is

Question 7

Two beams, one having square cross section and another circular cross-section, are subjected to the same amount of bending moment. If the cross sectional area as well as the material of both the beams are the same then
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