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BARC Quiz 16

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Question 1

A standard size plate was used to conduct plate load test in clay soil. For a particular loading intensity, settlement of the test plate was found to be 700 mm. What will be the settlement of a shallow footing of size 3m under same loading intensity? Also, what will be the allowable load for this footing if the ultimate bearing capacity of plate was 150 kPa?

Assume FOS = 3

Question 2

The figure shows the cross-section of an oil pipe with a manometer attached. On the right side of the manometer the manometer fluid is in contact with oil, and on the left side the manometer is open to the atmosphere. The oil has a specific gravity of 0.85 and the manometer fluid has a specific gravity of 1.5. What is the gage pressure at the center of the pipe if hm is 10 cm and h0 is 5 cm?

Question 3

Efflorescence test is conducted for burnt clay bricks to find out the

Question 4

A flood hydrograph through a river reach has to be routed, for which k = 12hr and x = 0.20. The values of muskingam coefficients C0 and C2 will be?

(Assume Δt = 6hr)

Question 5

If initial Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and final DO after 5 days incubation at 20°C in 1.0% dilution sample are 5.0 mg/L and 4.0 mg/L respectively, what is 5-day BOD of the same sample in mg/L?

Question 6

A bolt is subjected to a shear stress of fsb and a tensile stress of ftb. If the permissible stresses in shear and tension are fasb and fatb respectively then the stress should satisfy:

Question 7

The water table at a location is at the ground surface and the saturated unit weight of the soil is 20 kN/m3. If due to heavy precipitation, the water level rises to 2m above ground level, the decreases in the vertical effective stress at a point 2m below the ground surface will be?

Question 8

The following table gives data of consecutive coordinates in respect of closed theodolite traverse ABCDA . The magnitude and direction of error of closure in whole circle bearing are

Question 9

Which of the following are parts of the extra-widening calulations?

i. Mechanical widening

ii. Physical Widening

iii. Psychological Widening

iv. Superficial Widening

Question 10

A spherical shell of thickness 10 mm and diameter 225 mm is subjected to an internal pressure of , the ratio of longitudinal stress to the hoop stress is
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