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BARC Quiz 12

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Question 1

The artificial seasoning method that causes timber to become brittle and easy to break is

Question 2

A compression member having gross effective cross-sectional areas of 1500 mm2 and 1250 mm2, respectively. If the compressive stress is 150 MPa, the design compressive strength of the column will be:

Question 3

A grit chamber of dimension 12mx 1.5 m x 0.8 m liquid depth has a flow of 720 m3/hour. The surface loading rate and detention time of the grit chamber would be respectively:

Question 4

If the dynamic viscosity of the fluid shown in the diagram is 0.001 N.s/m2, what is the shear stress 30 cm from the wall?

Question 5

A retaining wall retains a sand strata with ϕ = 30° up to its top. If a uniform surcharge of 12 t/m2 is subsequently put on the sand strata, then the increase in the lateral earth pressure intensity on the retaining wall will be

Question 6

For a catchment area of 120 km2, the equilibrium discharge in m3/hour of an S-curve obtained by the summation of 6 hour unit hydrograph is

Question 7

A reinforced cement concrete beam section has a size of 300 mm width and 400 mm effective depth, the grade of concrete used is M20 and grade of steel is Fe 415. If the ultimate bending moment of 150 kN-m acts at the section, the beam has to be designed as

Question 8

A steel bar ABC of uniform cross-section 100 mm2 is suspended vertically and loaded as shown in the figure. If the lower end of bar C does not move when loads are applied (neglect self-weight), then the value of force P is (ES = 200 kN/mm2)

Question 9

In an octagonal closed traverse the closing error found from the FB and BB of last line is +60. The correction to the third line would be

Question 10

In an area of heavy rainfall, a state highway of high-type bituminous surface with four lanes (14.0 m wide) is to be constructed. What will be the height of the crown of the road relative to the edges for a composite camber (i.e. middle half as parabolic and rest as straight lines)?
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