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Question 1

The main constituent of cement which is responsible for initial setting of cement is

Question 2

In the design of a plate girder, the outstand of web stiffener from the face of the web is restricted to (thickness of stiffener = tq; and yield stress ratio = ε)

Question 3

The BOD5 of a wastewater sample is 200 mg/ litre at 20°C. The value of the reaction constant is K = 0.2 day-1 with base 'e’. The ultimate BOD of the sample is :

Question 4

Match List-I (Typical occurrence) with List –II (Relevant flow condition) and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:

List-I (Typical occurrence)

A) Cavitation

B) Separation

C) Stagnation point

D) Wake

List-II (Relevant flow condition)

1) Absence of fluid velocity

2) Fluid pressure reduces to vapour pressure

3) Bluff body in flow

4) Adverse pressure gradient in widening Boundaries of flow

Question 5

A vertical cut in a clayey soil with unit weight of 19 kN/m3 failed when the depth of cut was 4.0 m. The cohesive strength of clay is:

Question 6

The probability that a 100 year flood is equalled or exceeded at once in 100 year is

Question 7

What is the moisture depth available for evapotranspiration in the root zone of 1.5m depth soil, if the dry weight of the soil is 1.5 g/cc, field capacity is 30% and the permanent witting point is 12%?

Question 8

A doubly reinforced beam is used when:

Question 9

Principal stresses at a point in a plane stressed element are σx = σy = 500 N/mm2. Normal stress on the plane inclined at 45° to the x axis will be

Question 10

The longitudinal gradient on a road is 1 in 20. If the radius of curve is 76 m, compensated gradient is
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