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Question 1

To prevent buckling of the top edge of a gusset plate due to bending compression, the outstand of the gusset plate from the edge of column should be limited to (thickness of plate = t; yield stress ratio = ε)

Question 2

A wastewater treatment plant disposes of its effluent in a surface stream. Characteristics of the stream and effluent are shown below:

For 20°C stream water temperature, equilibrium concentration of oxygen = 9.17 mg/L. Assuming no temperature correction is required, answer the following:

Calculate ultimate BOD of wastewater and stream water mix water?

Question 3

In a tidal model, the horizontal scale ratio is and the vertical scale ratio  If the time period for prototype is 12 hours, the correct time period for model would be:

Question 4

As per Indian standard code 1077, the burnt clay building bricks having compressive strength less than ________N/mm2 are known as common burnt clay bricks.

Question 5

A upper tank containing water situated at 20m height from water level of other lower water tank. There is wall between two tanks which is about 4m high from upper tank water level. For supplying the water a syphon of diameter 200 mm and length 500 mm is used with length of pipe from upper water tank to summit is 100m. Coefficient of friction = 0.005, what will happen regarding flow in pipe.

Question 6

According to Terzaghi’s theory, the ultimate bearing capacity at the ground surface for a purely cohesive soil with cohesion c and for a smooth base of a strip footing is

Question 7

In an irrigation project, in a certain year, 60% and 46% of the cultivable command area in Kharif and Rabi respectively, remained without water and rest of the area got irrigation water. The intensity of irrigation in that year for the project was

Question 8

For a balanced RCC rectangular section having width 200 mm and depth 400 mm, allowable moment capacity is 37 kN-m. if permissible tensile stress is 230MPa, area of reinforcing steel would be

Question 9

A solid shaft of diameter 100 mm, length 1000 mm is subjected to a twisting moment of Mt. The maximum shear stress developed in shaft is 60 N/mm2. A hole of 50 mm diameter is now drilled through out the shaft. To develop a maximum shear stress of 60 N/mm2 in hollow shaft, the torque must be reduced by:

Question 10

The safe stopping distance for a two-way traffic in a two-lane road is 61.4 m, then for a two way traffic in a single lane road when other conditions are unaltered the safe stopping distance will be taken as
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