What is the Full Form of BARC?

By Mohit Uniyal|Updated : February 2nd, 2023

BARC Full Form is the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Dr Homi Jehangir Bhabha established the Atomic Energy Establishment in 1954 which was renamed Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) in 1966 after its demise. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC Full Form) provides vast opportunities for candidates to build a bright future in the facility.

BARC's full form and all the information related to it are mentioned below. We have also provided the full form of BARC OCES and DGFS. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre is an organization of the DAE(Department of Atomic Energy).

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What is the BARC Full Form?

The BARC full form is the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. The main office of the BARC is in Trombay, Maharashtra, Mumbai. In BARC recruitment, each year releases various job opportunities for candidates who are eager to work in the Nuclear Science and Technology department. Various academic programs are also introduced by the officials to recruit eligible candidates as per the BARC Exam Eligibility such as BARC OCES and BARC DGFS. Let us see the full form of both these academic courses one by one.


The full form of BARC OCES is Orientation Course for Engineering Graduates and Science Postgraduates. This course is for graduates in Engineering or postgraduates in Science. Candidates are selected via online CBT and the interview process.

Engineering Graduates and Science Postgraduates can get recruited as Scientific officers. They are supposed to register online to apply for the selection process. The selected candidates have to go through the BARC OCES course to finally get recruited as the BARC Scientific Officer.


The DGFS BARC full form is the DAE Graduate Fellowship Scheme for Engineering Graduates and Physics Postgraduates. This is a fellowship program offered to graduates in Engineering or post-graduates in Science. The selection process remains the same as that of the OCES program i.e., the CBT process followed by the interview session.

The selected candidates are provided with the fellowship scheme under the BARC DGFS course. Department of Atomic Energy (DAE full form) is the responsible authority for the recruitment process for BARC DGFS.

BARC Full Form in Hindi

BARC का पूर्ण रूप भाभा परमाणु अनुसंधान केंद्र है। डॉ. होमी जहांगीर भाभा ने 1954 में भाभा परमाणु अनुसंधान केंद्र की स्थापना की। भाभा परमाणु अनुसंधान केंद्र(BARC full form in Hindi) हर साल विज्ञान और प्रौद्योगिकी के क्षेत्र में देश के विकास के लिए गतिशील और महत्वाकांक्षी उम्मीदवारों का चयन करता है। बीएआरसी के पास ईंधन पुनर्संसाधन, रिएक्टर प्रौद्योगिकी, अपशिष्ट प्रबंधन, आइसोटोप अनुप्रयोगों, और बहुत कुछ में अनुसंधान और विकास के लिए सक्रिय समूह हैं।

BARC Full Form in English

The full form of BARC in English is the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. It is considered the mother of various Research and Development institutions such as the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR), VECC, Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology (RRCAT), etc.

BARC Recruitment

BARC recruit candidates for various roles such as Scientific Officers, Work Assistant, Driver, Stenographer, etc. Annually written exams and interview sessions are held to recruit candidates. BARC recruitment is an exceptional opportunity for candidates who are looking for a bright future.

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FAQs on BARC Full Form

  • BARC full form is the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. It is established in Trombay, Maharashtra, Mumbai. The BARC is a multidisciplinary R&D centre. It was established by Dr Homi Jehangir Bhabha in 1954.

  • The BARC full form in Hindi is भाभा परमाणु अनुसंधान केंद्र | BARC हर साल उन उम्मीदवारों के लिए नौकरी के विभिन्न अवसर जारी करता है जो परमाणु विज्ञान और प्रौद्योगिकी विभाग में काम करने के इच्छुक हैं। इसे विभिन्न अनुसंधान और विकास संस्थानों जैसे इंदिरा गांधी परमाणु अनुसंधान केंद्र (IGCAR), VECC, राजा रमन्ना सेंटर फॉर एडवांस टेक्नोलॉजी (RRCAT), आदि की जननी माना जाता है।

  • No, it is not necessary to clear the GATE exam in order to get recruited to the BARC facility. Candidates can take part in direct recruitment via CBT and Interview process after filing the application form as when released online on the official website for various posts.

  • BARC job is the opportunity provided to eligible and bright candidates to have a career in the BARC organisation. Candidates (engineering graduates and Science Postgraduates) are called for the various courses in the facility to become Scientific officers in the facility.

  • BARC DGFS stands for DAE Graduate Fellowship Scheme for Engineering Graduates and Physics Postgraduates. And BARC OCES stands for  Orientation Course for Engineering Graduates and Science Postgraduates.



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