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BARC ECE 2019 : Analog Electronics Nuclear Quiz 3

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Question 1

In the circuit show, both the diodes are ideal,

If then the output waveform of the circuit can be represented by (assume all the diode to be ideal)

Question 2

The circuit in Figure is a
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Question 3

Two silicon diodes, with a forward voltage drop of 0.7 V, are used in the circuit shown in the figure. The range of input voltage for which the output voltage

Question 4

In a half-wave rectifier, if an a.c supply is 60 Hz. Then what is the a.c ripple at output?

Question 5

In the figure shown below

If β = 100, Re = 1 kΩ, Vcc = 10 V, RB = 2 kΩ, VBE = 0.7 and RC = 2 kΩ, then the value of stability factor S will be

Question 6

A zener diode exhibits a constant voltage of 5.6 V for currents greater than five times the knee current, IZKis specified to be 1 mA. The zener is to be used in the design of a shunt regulator fed from a 15-V supply. The load current varies over the range of 0 mA to 15 mA. Find a suitable value for the resistor R and maximum power dissipation of the zener diode.

Question 7

Consider an amplifier with a gain of 1000 has a gain change of 20% due to temperature variation. If the amplifier is connected as an amplifier in closed loop with β = 0.2, then the change in gain of the feedback amplifier is _______%.

Question 8

Calculate the value of feedback resistance (Rf) with R1 = 20 KΩ,  R2 = 10KΩ, Vo = 15V, Vi = 10V as given in the figure _____ (KΩ)

Question 9

Refer the following figure to find the value of ICQ and VCEQ. R2=R4=2kΩ, R1=R5=50Ω, R3=5kΩ and VCC=12V. Assume VBE=0.7V and βdcac=100.

Question 10

Calculate CMRR in the following figure.
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